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Race, Equity, and Social Justice References and Resources

PLEASE NOTE: The inclusion of resources on this list does not imply the UYTC’s endorsement of particular information, treatments, or services. This information is provided only to assist audiences with accessing additional information regarding issues involving racism, inequity, and social injustice.


American Civil Liberties Union

 Police Practices


American Medical Association

 Racism is a Threat to Public Health

 New Competency Focus Involves Structural Factors in Health


American Psychological Association

 Guidelines of Race and Ethnicity in Psychology

 Policing in Black and White


Center for Disease Control and Prevention

 COVID-19 Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities

 Health Equity Considerations & Racial & Ethnic Minority Groups


Child Mind Institute

 Racism and Violence: How to Help Kids Handle the News

 A Clinical Perspective to Talking to Kids about Racism


Embrace Race

 10 Tips for Teaching and Talking to Kids about Race

 16 Ways to Help Children Become Thoughtful, Informed, and Brave about Race


Mayo Clinic 

 Coronavirus Infection by Race: What’s Behind the Health Disparities?


Mental Health America

 Racism and Mental Health


National Association of School Psychologists

 Understanding Race and Privilege

 The Impact of Racism on Child and Adolescent Health 


National Association of Social Workers

 Resources Related to Racism and Social Justice 


National Child Traumatic Stress Network

 Conversations About Historical Trauma: Part One

 Conversations About Historical Trauma: Part Two

 Conversations About Historical Trauma: Part Three

 Implementing Cultural Competence 

 Addressing Race and Trauma in the Classroom

 Cultural Responsiveness to Racial Trauma

 Creating a Trauma-Informed Law Enforcement System


Substance Use and Mental Health Services Administration

 Behavioral Health Equity


PBS Kids

 Talking to Young Children about Race and Racism

 How to Talk Honestly with Children about Racism

 How to Use Children’s Books to Talk about Race and Racism


Understanding Race

 A Family Guide to Talking about Race

 RACE: A Teacher’s Guide for Middle School

 RACE: A Teacher’s Guide for High School