YOUTH-CAN Conference

Promoting Resilience among Youth and Families Affected by Community Violence Through Leadership, Collaboration, and Action

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YOUTH-CAN Conference

Youth-CAN Conference

YOUTH-CAN (YOUTH OVERCOMING URBAN TRAUMA & HEALING THROUGH COMMUNITY  ACTION NETWORK) is a collaboration between a network of community representatives striving to share information and resources to improve the local community’s ability to organize and mobilize responses to community violence, as they impact youth and their families in the City of Chicago and surrounding areas. With YOUTH-CAN, the Urban Youth Trauma Center encourages the application of five best practices for violence prevention and trauma intervention.

The purpose of the annual YOUTH-CAN conference is to build upon the trauma awareness and knowledge of the best practices we have emphasized for our families and partners and to motivate participants to guide not only youth but also adults into embracing the mission of making things better for our community. 

Click below to view our conference newsletter from each year with a recap of keynote speeches, workshops, and networking activities!