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Annual Awareness Campaign

Growing up in the midst of community violence can impact youths’ social, emotional, behavioral and cognitive development. It can disrupt their baseline of safety, making it more difficult for entire families and communities to sustain a sense of stability. For those who live in or near places where violence is very common, the daily risks can take a toll on physical and emotional health. And the lingering psychological impacts left on children, with ongoing exposure to violence and trauma, are immeasurable. Violence holds victims, families, friends and entire neighborhoods hostage, causing paralyzing fear and trauma that is ongoing. Community violence is everyone’s business because not a single person in a community is left unaffected by the deleterious effects that violence leaves behind. It’s time to come together to take action to prevent violence and improve our communities.


UYTC Annual Awareness Campaign


Each year, the Urban Youth Trauma Center hosts a campaign event that is designed to engage the community, help them learn more about how youth and families are being affected by community violence, and discuss what we all can do to help.

To learn what you can do to prevent violence and support youth, we encourage you participate in our campaign, If Youth Can, Then I Can!


Release Date: 04/07/2017 Gallery

2017 Public Awareness Campaign

Youth Voices and Verses for Violence Prevention: Lessons in the Cycle In honor of National Youth Violence Prevention Awareness Week in April 2017, UYTC hosted an event with the purpose of encouraging members of the community to celebrate the important role of the arts in sustaining and supporting positive youth development.