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How to Provide Support During COVID-19

UYTC COVID Best Practices OverviewBest Practices for Trauma Intervention
How to Provide Support During COVID-19

Living through a global pandemic can lead to a range of social, emotional, behavioral, and cognitive problems for children and adolescents. It is important that individuals are able to identify the signs that children and youth may be struggling and know the find the best ways that they can provide support. The information regarding the COVID-19 pandemic changes daily and children and youth are getting information from multiple sources. It is important to identify what are their current beliefs regarding COVID-19, continue to foster supportive relationships, promote positive thinking regarding recovery, continue reviewing ways to stay safe, and avoid spreading false information.

The Urban Youth Trauma Center (UYTC) has compiled a list of recommendations for how caregivers, mental health professionals, school staff, and law enforcement can support children and youth during this pandemic.  All recommendations are based on the UYTC’s five best practices for violence prevention and trauma intervention, adapted for the COVID 19 pandemic. The best practices for trauma intervention are: (1) identify, help, and support survivors of trauma; (2) develop safe, stable, and nurturing relationships between children and adults; (3) develop life skills in children and adolescents; (4) promote a safe environment; and (5) help change rules and expectations in society.

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Click UYTC COVID-19 Best Practices to download a printable copy of the COVID-19 Best Practices recommendations for all youth providers and audiences.

Click here for more information about COVID-19 resources, help lines, and agencies able to support for providers and families during this time.

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