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Program for Neurodevelopmental Disorders

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Samples and Phenotype Committee Leadership in the Autism Sequencing Consortium

Along with Catalina Betancur (France) and Louise Gallagher (Ireland), the Samples and Phenotypes Committee works with the larger Autism Sequencing Consortium to identify new genetic variants in autism spectrum disorder and to understand the relationship of genetic variation in ASD to phenotype.

Laboratory of Developmental Neuroscience

The Laboratory of Developmental Neuroscience is dedicated to studying the developmental neurobiological basis of pediatric onset neuropsychiatric disorders. We use neurochemical and molecular genetic research tools to develop new knowledge that may lead to improvement in clinical pharmacology. We began as a neurochemistry lab studying the relationship between hyperserotonemia and autistic disorder. We are now working with collaborators on molecular genetic and clinical pharmacological studies of autism, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, childhood onset obsessive-compulsive disorder, stuttering, adolescent depression, and pediatric and early onset bipolar mood disorder.

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