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Dr. Natania Crane's recent publications

Crane, N.A., Li, L.Y., Brooks, J.M., & Shankman, S.A. (2023). Preliminary Evidence that Individuals with Remitted Alcohol Use Disorder and Major Depressive Disorder Exhibit Enhanced Neural Responses to Reward: An EEG Study. Addictive Behaviors, 143: 107712.

Crane, N.A., Molla, H., & de Wit, H. (in press). Methamphetamine Alters Nucleus Accumbens Neural Activation to Monetary Loss in Healthy Young Adults. Psychopharmacology.

Jacobson, M.M., Jenkins, L.M., Feldman, D.A., Crane, N.A., & Langenecker, S.A. (2023). Reduced connectivity of the cognitive control neural network at rest in young adults who had their first drink of alcohol prior to age 18. Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging, 332: 111642.

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Natania Crane PhD

  • Assistant Professor
  • Associate Director of the UIC Recovery Clinic
  • Department of Psychiatry, UIC

(312) 413-4453
ncrane3atuic [dot] edu