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Participate in Research

Parents with 4-5 year old children are needed for a prevention of disruptive behavior research study

Dr. Jennifer Suor (PhD) at the University of Illinois is conducting a study to see how a parenting intervention for the prevention of disruptive behavior disorders affects brain-behavior indicators of executive functioning and mental health in children receiving Medicaid.

You may be eligible if you: 

  1. Have a child who is between the ages of 4 and 5 years old.
  2. Your child receives Medicaid
  3. You suspect your child might have difficulties with attention, problem-solving, and impulse control.

If you are eligible and agree to participate you and your child will complete: 

  1. A virtual screening visit including psychiatric interviews and questionnaires.   
  2. Two laboratory visits during which you and your child will complete some computer tasks while we measure your and your child’s brain waves. You and your child will also complete interaction tasks.
  3. Families will be randomly selected to participate in  12 session parenting group with other parents with 4-5 year old children (only parents participate).
  4. Two remote follow-up assessments over 12 months including interviews and questionnaires.  

Children currently in talk therapy treatment or on medication for emotional or behavioral concerns might not be eligible. This study involves a time commitment of approximately 4 hours for children and up to 31 hours for parents who are randomly selected to participate in the parenting group therapy program. 

       Families will be compensated their time. All information you give is confidential.  

For more information: 

CALL: 312-355-3871
EMAIL:  peacelabatuic [dot] edu

Please specify that you are calling about Executive Function and Parenting in Childhood Research Study (Project EPIC)