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Welcome to the Parenting, Environmental Risk, Affective Neuroscience and Child Emotions (PEACE) lab!

PEACE lab, directed by Dr. Jennifer Suor, conducts studies that seek to understand how family adversity and parenting impact neurobehavioral mechanisms underlying child mental health difficulties and how this relates to the prevention of psychopathology. We use multiple methods in our research to measure socio-contextual, cognitive, psychophysiological, and emotional processes associated with childhood mental health risk, including behavioral, observational, survey, and EEG/ERP. Operating from developmental psychopathology and precision medicine perspectives, the ultimate goal of our research is to increase understanding of how early life adversity and neurobehavioral mechanisms confer risk for childhood psychopathology and identify experimental therapeutic targets that can be modified by prevention programs to increase their precision in preventing psychopathology among at-risk youth.