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MADRP - Phan Lab

Since its inception in 2012, the Mood and Anxiety Disorders Research Program (MADRP) has studied variations of psychopathology and health from an affective neuroscience perspective (Phan Lab). We understand that emotions have a powerful role in tuning our perception, imbuing our experience, guiding our decisions, and shaping our actions. As such, we believe that anxiety, fear, depression, addiction, obsessions and compulsions can be understood along dimensions of emotion that evolve over the lifespan and fluctuate with stress. We use neuroscience measures and methods to study the emotional brain and its readouts in the laboratory and the real world, and marry this approach with psychopharmacology, neuromodulation and intervention trials. Our work seeks to better understand the neuropathophysiology and course of psychopathology, and to innovate strategies to prevent and treat more patients better and faster and keep them well for longer periods of time.