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Heide Klumpp PhD

  • Associate Professor
Dr. Klumpp's main research interest is using a cognitive-affective neuroscience approach to understand anxiety and depression for clinical translation. She uses neuroimaging to delineate brain markers of response to psychotherapy to increase therapeutic success with available treatment and develop more individually-tailored, novel interventions. In addition, she translates discoveries from basic neuroscience to enhance therapies for anxiety disorders and depression.

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Yasmeen Ali

  • Psychiatry Volunteer

Suzel Bautista

  • Clinical Research Coordinator

Fini Chang MA

  • Neuropsychology Extern
  • Graduate Research Assistant
Fini is a Clinical Neuropsychology Extern and a Doctoral Student in the Clinical Psychology Program at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). She received her BS in Psychobiology from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and her MA in Psychology from UIC. Her research interests lie in examining the interplay of emotion and cognitive processing in anxiety and depression. She also studies the effects of problematic sleep in internalizing psychopathologies. She incorporates a multi-method approach utilizing EEG, neuroimaging, and actigraphy in her work.

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Leslie Diaz BA

  • Research Assistant Volunteer
Leslie graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) with her BA in Applied Psychology & Gender and Women’s Studies. She is now volunteering in Dr. Klumpp’s research lab within the Psychiatric Institute at UIC.

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Brian Farstead BS

  • Psychiatry Volunteer
Brian is a Research Associate in the MEND2 Lab at the University of Utah but is assisting in collaboration with Dr. Klumpp. Brian graduated from Brigham Young University with a B.S. in Psychology and a minor in Spanish. He is primarily interested in exploring the neurobiology of mood disorders, therapy treatment outcomes, and suicide prevention. Brian plans to pursue a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, with the long-term goal of working with the Latinx community and understanding barriers to mental health treatment.

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Cope Feurer PhD

  • Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Department of Psychiatry, UIC
Cope Feurer is a T32 postdoctoral fellow at the University of Illinois – Chicago. Her research utilizes a multiple levels of analysis approach integrating peripheral and neurophysiological methods to examine correlates and markers of risk for internalizing disorders, particularly within the context of stress. Specifically, her research aims to examine whether biomarkers of risk generalize to risk for psychopathology outside of the lab through contributing to individual differences in stress reactivity and generation.

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Jagan Jimmy

  • Research Associate II

Kerry Kinney MA

  • Graduate Student Researcher
  • T32 in the Neuroscience of Mental Health Graduate
Kerry is a sixth-year graduate student in the clinical psychology program at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Her research interests liein the neural correlates of emotion regulation in anxiety and depression.

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Joshua Pasaye BS

  • Research Associate I - Social Sciences
Joshua is a Research Associate for Dr. Klumpp’s Mood and Anxiety lab. He has graduated with his BS in Neuroscience here at UIC before working for Dr. Klumpp. His research interests include understanding the mechanisms behind internalizing psychopathologies (IPs), how IPs change the brain, the effect of IPs on mood and behavior. Additionally, he is interested in sleep and how poor sleep effects IPs and their symptoms. His career goals are to pursue a PhD program in neuroscience focusing on behavioral neuroscience, clinical, or basic neuroscience.

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Andrea Sy

  • Research Volunteer

Andrea is a sophomore studying English on the pre-medicine track. She hopes to be a part of medical research in the future and this is her first position in a laboratory study.

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Melissa Uribe BA

  • Research Associate I

Melissa Uribe is a recent graduate of the Applied Psychology Undergraduate program at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) now working in the Psychiatric Institute at UIC. She is interested in the development and maintenance of Internalizing Psychopathologies (IP's) like anxiety and depression.

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Anika Wilen

  • Research Volunteer
Anika is interested in neuroscience research specifically regarding neurodegenerative disease and tauopathies. She is planning on pursuing a Ph.D. in Neuroscience or Neurobiology and researching Alzheimer’s Disease or tau proteins. Anika loves being in laboratory settings, collecting and analyzing data, and evaluating experiments. She finds basic research most interesting and strives to learn something new in everything that she does. She finds great satisfaction in getting work done well and efficiently.

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Latrice Yates

  • Research Volunteer

Liliana Zavala

  • Volunteer Research Assistant

Liliana Zavala is a Latina undergraduate senior at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Her major is Applied Psychology and her minor is Gender and Women Studies. She plan to attend graduate school and earn a MSW, become a LCSW, and practice therapy.

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Aishi Zhao

  • Psychiatry Volunteer

Aishi Zhao is a junior studying Neuroscience with a goal in the field of medicine. Her interests lies in medical research focusing on neurological diseases such as stroke and psychopathaologies, specifically cognitive and mood disorders.

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Helen Burgess PhD

  • Professor, Department of Psychiatry
  • Director, Sleep and Circadian Research Laboratory
  • University of Michigan
Helen Burgess

Michelle Craske PhD

  • Professor of Psychology, Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences
  • University of California, Los Angeles

For more information, visit Dr. Craske's profile at the University of California - Los Angeles.

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Jack Gilbert PhD

  • Professor
  • Department of Surgery
  • Director, The Microbiome Center
  • University of Chicago

For more information, visit Dr. Jack Gilbert's profile at the University of Chicago.

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Christine Rabinak PhD

  • Assistant Professor, Pharmacy Practice
  • Wayne State University

For more information, visit Dr. Rabinak's profile at Wayne State University.

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