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Ovarian Hormone Withdrawal and Suicide Risk: An Experimental Approach


Experimentally delineating the causal role of perimenstrual withdrawal from estradiol, progesterone, and their combination in acute suicide risk.

Cyclical Neuroactive Steroid Changes, Arousal, and Proximal Suicide Risk: An Experimental Approach


Experimentally delineating the neurosteroid pathways which may be involved in perimenstrual worsening of depression and suicide risk. 

Estrogen Effects on ADHD and Cognition


Examining the potential role of estrogen fluctuations across the menstrual cycle in symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). 

Adolescent Girls’ Risk for Suicide Across the Menstrual Cycle: Examining Stress and Negative Valence Systems Longitudinally


Examining the impact of the adolescent menstrual cycle on suicidal thoughts and behaviors.

Measuring Inflammatory Reactivity as a Mediator of Early Adversity’s Effects on Interpersonal Dysfunction in Women

Mind and Life Foundation

The purpose of this study is to examine, in the context of a randomized controlled trial of mindfulness-based stress reduction, the unique effects of mindfulness training on inflammatory responses to psychosocial stress among females with and without early life abuse. 

Using a Perimenstrual Steroid Stabilization Experiment to Validate a Smartphone-Based Assessment Protocol for Perimenstrual Mood Dysregulation and Suicidality

Gia Allemand Foundation

The purpose of this study is to pilot a smartphone-administered version of the Carolina Premenstrual Assessment Scoring System (C-PASS) diagnostic system for cyclical mood disorders in the context of the PI’s K99 award from NIMH. This project seeks to validate the steroid-sensitive nature of the C-PASS in the context of the K99 experimental design.