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About Us

We are CAPACITY Lab—an interdisciplinary team of scientists who build Community Academic Partnerships to Accelerate Community Implementation of Treatments for Youth. 

Our goal is to help bring an end to the mental health crisis in the United States by growing community CAPACITY to support mental health. Most youth with behavioral health needs never receive treatment. Because of systemic disinvestment in communities with predominately minoritized youth, those youth are even less likely to receive services than their white cis-gendered peers. Thus, we believe that supporting the community organizations that already serve minoritized youth is an important way to improve the health of vulnerable youth. 

Our mission is to promote mental health by harnessing the power of community-partnered research and implementation science to build mental health capacity within the community organizations already serving the minoritized youth.

Our research:

  • Harnesses public health approaches to behavioral health service delivery
  • Partners with community organizations to understand their service context and needs (e.g., youth in the juvenile legal system, family courts, schools, mental health agencies)
  • Focuses on scalable mental health interventions (e.g., digital mental health services and brief interventions)  
  • Advances implementation science by studying the implementation of universal, targeted, and intensive evidence-based practices for youth mental health that meet the needs of the organization and the youth they serve. 

Our team:

  • Conducts our work with an anti-racist, anti-oppression, and pro-intersectionality lens
  • Celebrates and values our differences in lived experiences; we recognize that these differences will enhance our ability to reach our goals
  • Prioritizes team member and research participant psychological safety by continually monitoring our work climate and integrating trauma-informed research principles into all of our projects 

If you want to contribute to our mission, join us!