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Amynah Pradhan Lab

The major focus of my lab is to understand how opioid receptors regulate chronic pain and headache disorders. We were the first group to develop a novel preclinical model of chronic migraine, which we used to identify the delta opioid receptor as a novel therapeutic target for this disorder. A major goal of the lab is to understand how delta opioid receptors regulate multiple migraine-related symptoms, and we are especially interested in how this receptor modulates signaling pathways associated with migraine pain.  A further aim of my work is to identify the molecular mechanisms that contribute to the chronification of migraine, as well as overlapping mechanisms between chronic migraine and psychiatric disorders. Our lab has extensive expertise in animal models of migraine, pain, addiction, and emotional disorders; as well as significant experience with mutant mouse models.  We also routinely perform tissue analysis using confocal microscopy, molecular biology, and protein analysis. I am interested in translating results from animal behavioral models to clinical applications, particularly for the treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders.