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Research lab of Dr. Tara G. Mehta

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About Us

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Welcome to ACCESS for Mental Health! 
Advancing Community Capacity to Empower Service Systems for Mental Health

Our goal is to alleviate disparities in access to mental health services for children and families, with a focus on vulnerable populations (e.g., urban poverty, ethnic/racial minorities, social determinants of health). 

We aim to develop culturally responsive, alternative models of mental health services for children and youth, with a focus on workforce development to enhance the capacity of community organizations to sustain accessible, effective services that enhance children’s and youth's well-being and promote mental health.

Our team is grounded in an ecological public health model, focused on the settings and people that are important for children and families (schools, after-school, family, home). Our work is community-based and collaborative, because every person brings value to the table.