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Center on Mental Health Services Research and Policy

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Our Resources

The UIC Center on Integrated Health Care and Self-Directed Recovery is dedicated to advancing knowledge and utilization of innovative models to promote integrated health care, self-directed recovery, and employment for people living with ​mental health conditions. ​Resources include webinars, podcasts, infographics, publications, and timely news for the behavioral health field.  

The UIC Center on Psychiatric Disability and Co-Occurring Medical Conditions promotes positive outcomes for people with serious mental health conditions and co-occurring chronic illnesses. Resources include webinars, podcasts, interactive toolkits, scholarly reports, publications, and news about the latest developments in integrated health care. 

The UIC National Research and Training Center on Psychiatric Disability promotes access to effective consumer-driven and community-based services for adults with mental illnesses. Resources include research protocols, needs assessments, published articles and reports, and self-determination tools.

The UIC Solutions Suite for Health & Recovery offers a series of free tools, curricula, and implementation manuals via podcast and webinar for immediate use in community mental health programs, peer-run centers, inpatient settings, or a person’s own life. 

The UIC Academy for Policymakers provides infographics, webinars, podcasts, and technical assistance about the latest behavioral health policy initiatives to governmental, legislative, and regulatory professionals.

The UIC Science Showcase provides free research tools, access to peer-reviewed journal articles, and technical assistance concerning the latest advances in scholarship regarding innovative behavioral health care, medical treatment, and rehabilitation.

The Employment Intervention Demonstration Program (EIDP) studied innovative programs that combined vocational rehabilitation with clinical services and supports. Research using EIDP data is ongoing and available resources include detailed research protocols and documentation, access to EIDP publications, and employment toolkits for veterans and adults with mental illnesses.