Community Outreach

Center on Mental Health Services Research and Policy

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Community Outreach

University Committees and Teams

  • UIC College of Medicine, Student Promotions Committee, Lisa Razzano
  • Campus Research Board (Clinical Sciences), Lisa Razzano
  • Inter-Campus Advanced Medical Student Research Elective Planning Team, Lisa Razzano
  • Distinguished Faculty Award Selection Committee, Judith Cook
  • Department of Psychiatry Research Committee, Judith Cook
  • University of Illinois’ Task Force on the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic, and the COVID-19 Community and Family Resilience Group, Judith Cook


Courses, Seminars & Internship Programs

  • Campus Co-Director (Chicago) & Core Faculty, Block 6, Brain & Behavior, Phase 1 Medical Student Curriculum, Lisa Razzano
  • Phase 1 Curriculum Subtheme Content Leader: Human Growth & Development, U of I Medical Colleges – Chicago, Peoria, & Rockford, Lisa Razzano
  • UIC Course Director & Lead Content Developer, M1 Human Development, Lisa Razzano
  • PGY1 Residency Seminar: Cultural Psychiatry, Lisa Razzano
  • PGY2 Residency Seminar: Developmental Psychiatry, Lisa Razzano
  • College of Social Work Internship Program, Jessica Jonikas
  • Program Evaluation Seminar, APA Doctoral Internship Training Program, Lisa Razzano
  • Psychiatry Residency Training Seminar in Cultural Psychiatry, Lisa Razzano
  • Psychiatry Residency Training Seminar in Recovery-Oriented Psychiatry, Lisa Razzano
  • Psychiatry Residency Training Seminar in Public Psychiatry, Lisa Razzano
  • Undergraduate Honors College, Lisa Razzano
  • Medical Student Research Program Rotation, Lisa Razzano


UIC Awards & Recognition

Innovations in Health Literacy Award, 2021, Institute for Healthcare Advancement, Lisa Razzano

John Beard Award, Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association, Lifetime Contributions to the Field, 2017, Lisa Razzano

Mentor of the Year Award, Chancellor’s Committee on the Status of Women, 2002, Judith Cook

Graduate Scholarship Award, UIC Chancellor’s Committee on the Status of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Issues, 2001, Marie Hamilton

Paul Q. Peterson Public Health Doctoral Scholarship Award, 2005, Jane Burke-Miller

Mentor of the Year Award, Chancellor’s Committee on the Status of Women, 2009, Lisa Razzano

Researcher of the Year in Clinical Sciences, College of Medicine, 2010, Judith Cook

Teaching Recognition Program Award, UIC Center for the Advancement of Teaching-Learning Communities, 2010-11, Lisa Razzano

Distinguished Faculty Award, College of Medicine, 2012, Judith Cook

Community Science Poster Award, UIC Annual Psychiatry Research Forum, 2014, Jessica Jonikas & Judith Cook

Chancellor's Academic Professional Excellence Award, 2015, Jessica Jonikas

Silver Award for Medical Student Research Poster, College of Medicine Research Forum, 2016, Mamatha Challa & Lisa Razzano

Scholars for Teaching Excellence Faculty Fellowship, College of Medicine, 2017-18, Lisa Razzano  

James Scholar Program, Lisa Razzano, Director of Graduate Studies, James Scholar Program, UIC College of Medicine

The James Scholar Program for Independent Study supports and refines the research skills of medical students during their M2-M4 years, with research projects culminating in high-level activities, such as presentations at abstracted scientific conferences and academic meetings as well as publication of research papers.
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College of Medicine Curriculum Renewal

A new coordinated, unified undergraduate medical college curriculum is being designed for implementation across all University of Illinois College of Medicine campuses. Dr. Razzano is Subtheme Content Leader, for the Human Growth and Development, Foundational Knowledge Core. She works with other Content Block leaders to ensure that human development’s impact on physical and mental health is integrated into lectures, case studies, and team-based learning experiences, with concentrated activities in Block 6: Brain & Behavior.
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