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  • Associate Professor, Florida International University
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Stacy Frazier, PhD, (she/her/hers) is a professor in the Department of Psychology at Florida International University. She directs a program of community-partnered and inter-agency children's mental health services research focused on strengthening supports to schools and after-school programs serving youth in neighborhoods characterized by resource poverty, gun violence, and food and housing insecurity. Extending the task-shifting literature to after-school time, Dr. Frazier's current studies are designed to support after-school recreation staff to leverage teachable moments for youth to practice life and leadership skills related to communication, emotion regulation, and problem-solving.

Title Description Investigator(s) Category Status
Examining the capacity of publicly-funded after school programs to promote children's mental health in urban, poor communities The primary goal of this study is to apply Principal Component Analysis and IRT modeling to evaluate Organizational Social Context survey items. Biostatistical Research Program Completed
Leaders @ Play Our team has been collaborating with the Chicago Park District for the past decade to develop and implement strategies that capitalize on the inherent opportunities present in recreation to support and promote children’s mental health. Leaders @ Play was a program designed to promote mental health for participating adolescents and support healthy behavioral, social, and emotional funct Community Based Children and Family Mental Health Services Research Program Completed
Links to Learning Links to Learning was funded by the National Institute for Mental Health (NIMH) to examine a school-based model for mental health consultation to urban, high poverty schools that focuses on the key empirical predictors of children’s learning and uses parent and teacher key informants to facilitate program utilization and sustainability. Community Based Children and Family Mental Health Services Research Program Completed
Project NAFASI (Nurturing All Families through After School Improvement) This study examined relationships among organizational features of after school programs, child and parent reports of program experiences, and children’s behavior toward the further development of an intervention to impact on the ability of after school programs to promote children’s adaptive functioning. Community Based Children and Family Mental Health Services Research Program Completed

*System-generated list from psychiatry research website.