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Sean Schrank PhD

Sean Schrank
  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Gender Pronouns
  • he/him
Contact Information
  • ss229 [at]
  • (312) 996-3036
  • School of Public Health / Psychiatric Institute (SPHPI)
    1601 W. Taylor St.
    SPHPI MC 912
    Chicago IL 60612 Behavioral Sciences Building (BSB)
    1007 West Harrison Street (MC 206)
    Chicago IL 60607
  • Room #:B99

Dr. Sean Schrank received his PhD in Neuroscience from Rosalind Franklin University in 2021 studying molecular and electrophysiological pathologies in Alzheimer’s Disease, and then transitioned into a Post-Doctoral Fellowship at the Medical College of Wisconsin studying spinal cord injury. In 2023, Sean began a Post-Doctoral Fellowship at the University of Illinois Chicago researching alcohol use disorders, and is currently interested in understanding the inflammatory consequences of binge ethanol consumption and how that impacts changes synaptic physiology throughout the extended amygdala. Ultimately, Sean would like to run his own research program focusing on the relationship between inflammation, synaptic communication, and the neurobiology of substance abuse.

  • Electrophysiology, neuroimmunology, immunology, drug discovery

  • CeA Neuroinflammation in Alcohol Consumption

  • Maxine K. Loh, Courtney Stickling, Sean Schrank, Madison Hanshaw, Alexandra C. Ritger, Naijila Dilosa, Joshua Finlay, Nicole C. Ferrara & J. Amiel Rosenkranz. Liposaccharide-induced sustained mild inflammation fragments social behavior and alters basolateral amygdala activity. Psychopharmacology 240, pages647–671 (2023). PMID: 36645464

    Schrank S, Satkunendrarajah, K. Viral tools for mapping and modulating neural networks after spinal cord injury. Experimental Neurology vol 351, May 2022. PMID: 35123955

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    Schrank S, Barrington N, Stutzmann GE (2019) ‘Calcium handling defects and neurodegenerative disease’ In Calcium, Second Edition. Editors: Martin D. Bootman, Geert Bultynck, Grace E. Stutzmann, and Michael J. Berridge. Cold Spring Harbor, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press. 499-524. PMID: 31427373