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  2. Lisa A. Sanchez-Johnsen

Lisa A. Sanchez-Johnsen PhD

Lisa A. Sanchez-Johnsen
  • Research Director, Bariatric Surgery/Obesity Research Program
  • Research Director, Multicultural and Latino Health Research Program
  • Research Director, Health Psychology Research Program
  • Associate Professor, Departments of Psychiatry and Surgery
  • Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Contact Information
  • drlisa [at]
  • (312) 996-1827
  • Institute for Juvenile Research (IJR)
    1747 W. Roosevelt Rd.
    Chicago IL 60612
  • Room #:147

Dr. Lisa Sanchez-Johnsen is an Associate Professor in the Departments of Psychiatry and Surgery, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, and Director of the following programs:  Bariatric Surgery/Obesity Research Program, Multicultural and Latino Health Research Program, and the Health Psychology Research Program at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). She is an active member of the University of Illinois Cancer Center and a member of the Mile Square Health Center Research Council at UIC. Dr. Sanchez-Johnsen currently serves as the Project Leader/ Core Co-lead on the Planning and Evaluation Core of an NCI U54 grant focused on cancer health equity (U54CA202995, U54CA202997, and U54CA203000), as well as the PI of a Proposal Development Grant focused on obesity in Latino men (funded by NCI grants U54CA202995, U54CA202997, and U54CA203000). In addition, she is a co-investigator on the landmark NIH Hispanic Community Health Study/Study of Latinos (NHLBI-HV-13-06 HCHS-SOL Field Centers) (Chicago site PI: Martha Daviglus). She also served as the past Co-Director of the Recruitment, Retention and Community Engagement Core for the UIC Center for Clinical and Translational Science.  In 2005, she received the "Presidential Latino Leadership Award" for her research on Latino health disparities from the American Psychological Association. In 2008, she received the "Distinguished Professional Early Career Award' from the National Latino Psychological Association for her work in Latino health research. 

Dr. Sanchez-Johnsen has over 20 years of experience conducting research and clinical work with Latinos and other minorities in the area of culturally competent health behavior change. She has research interests in developing culturally competent obesity (diet, physical activity, and body image) interventions and assessments for Latinos and Blacks using community-engaged approaches, disparities in weight loss after bariatric surgery across ethnic groups, and cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular risk reduction in Latinos. She also has interests inpatient and community-based approaches to health research and in training community health workers/health promoters to conduct obesity interventions. Finally, Dr. Sanchez-Johnsen also has interests in body image, binge eating, emotional eating, and smoking/ weight control smoking in diverse ethnic groups. Dr. Sanchez-Johnsen has been active in the National Latina/o Psychological Association (Past Board Member and Newsletter Editor) and the Society of Behavioral Medicine (founder/past chair of the Ethnic Minority and Multicultural Health Special Interest Group). Dr. Sanchez-Johnsen teaches a course called “Promoting Cultural Competency and Health Equity in Mental Health and Health Care“ to clinical psychology interns and other trainees, offers research rotations in Multicultural and Latino Health ResearchBariatric Surgery/Obesity Research, and Health Psychology Research. She also oversees the Latino Obesity and Cancer Health Equity Research Scholars Program which is part of a grant funded by NCI (U54CA202995, U54CA202997, and U54CA203000).

  • Latinos, Culture, and Obesity: ¡Viva la Cultura Latina!

  • Cultural Factors Underlying Obesity in Latino Men: Latino Men’s Health Initiative

  • Selected Publications

    Sánchez-Johnsen, L., Craven, M., Nava, M., Alonso, A., Dykema-Engblade, A., Rademaker, A., Xie, H. (2017). Cultural Variables Underlying Obesity in Latino Men: Design, Rationale and Participant Characteristics from the Latino Men’s Health Initiative. Journal of Community Health. 42 (4), 826–838. doi: 10.1007/s10900-017-0324-9.

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