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Jeffrey Schappi

  • Senior Scientist, Pax Neuroscience
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Jeff Schappi has been working as a Senior Scientist with Pax Neuroscience and Post-Doctoral Research Associate with the UI Centre for Drug Discovery
at UIC in order to develop a high-throughput assay for this antidepressant effect in a cellular model.

Jeff Schappi T32 experience:

While the methods the lab has traditionally used to demonstrate this effect are well-established, they do not lend themselves well to a high-throughput format due to the large amount of individual handling required to process samples. Additionally, the requirement of chronic drug treatment to produce this effect in cells is another consideration that complicates development of such an assay. While my thesis project was cellular and molecular, the translational training offered by the T32 allowed me to understand, better, the translational aspects of my science. This has prepared me for research in industry, where I must remain grounded in the health-relatedness of my research.