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Jane K. Burke-Miller PhD

Jane K. Burke-Miller
  • Biostatistician / Research Analyst
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  • jkburke [at]
  • (312) 355-1696
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  • School of Public Health / Psychiatric Institute (SPHPI)
    1601 W. Taylor St.
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    Chicago IL 60612
  • Room #:482

Dr. Burke-Miller received her degree in Public Health Sciences from the University of Illinois Chicago, and has extensive experience in all phases of the research process including study design and statistical analysis of complex longitudinal, multisite data.  She was Project Manager of the Coordinating Center for the Employment Intervention Demonstration Program, SAMHSA’s randomized controlled trial of Supported Employment conducted in 8 states from 1996-2001, and since 1999 has worked as Research Analyst on numerous NIDILRR funded projects within the UIC National Research and Training Center. She has worked with federal, state, and local agencies and organizations on research involving supported employment, financial education and asset development for people in recovery, safety, trauma, specialty court programs, pediatric behavioral health screening, and HIV/AIDS. She is skilled in the statistical analysis of nested or longitudinal data using mixed effects random regression models, and in analysis of mental health services utilization data using zero-inflated negative binomial models with various random effects. She is author of numerous peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters, and has made presentations at many professional conferences and federal project meetings. Dr. Burke-Miller’s dissertation involved use of multilevel analysis techniques to examine the influence of urban neighborhood characteristics on African American women’s mental health, and she was awarded the 2005 Peterson Scholarship Award for outstanding contribution to practical application of public health delivery and research.

  • psychiatry

    Longitudinal data analysis, neighborhoods and social epidemiology, employment and disability

  • Certified Peer Specialist Health Study

  • National Research and Training Center on Health and Function Science Showcase

  • Center on Integrated Health Care and Self-Directed Recovery

  • Recent publications:

    Cook, J. A., Jonikas, J. A., Burke-Miller, J. K., Hamilton, M., Falconer, C., Blessing, M., Aranda, F., Johns, G. & Cauffield, C. (2023). Randomized Controlled Trial of Self-Directed Care for Medically Uninsured Adults with Serious Mental Illness. Psychiatric Services, appi-ps.
    Pub Med link:

    Brown, C., Cook, J.A., Jonikas, J.A., Steigman, P.J., Burke-Miller, J.K., Hamilton, M.M., Rosen, C., Tessman, D.C., Santos, A. (2022). Nutrition and Exercise for Wellness and Recovery: A randomized controlled trial of a community-based health intervention, Psychiatric Services, 74(5), 463-471.
    Pub Med link:

    Cook, J.A., Steigman, P.J., Swarbrick, M., Burke-Miller, J.K., Laing, T., Vite, L., Jonikas, J.A., Brown, I. (2022). Outcomes of peer-provided individual placement and support services in a mental health peer-run vocational program. Psychiatric Services, 74(5), 480-487.
    Pub Med link:

    Ostrow, L., Pelot, M., Burke-Miller, J.K., Cook, J.C., Salzer, M. (forthcoming). Employment outcomes after certification as a behavioral health peer specialist in four U.S. states. Psychiatric Services.

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    Cook, J.A., Burke-Miller, J.K., Jonikas, J.A., Arenda, F., Santos, A. (2020). Factors associated with 30-day readmissions following medical hospitalizations among Medicaid beneficiaries with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and major depressive disorder. Psychiatry Research.

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Title Description Investigator(s) Category Status
National Survey on the Health Status of the Certified Peer Specialist (CPS) Workforce This research adds a new wave of survey data collection to a longitudinal panel study of recently-certified behavioral health Peer Specialists in 5 states. The parent study, called the CPS Career Outcomes Study is being led by Live & Learn Incorporated. Center on Mental Health Services Research and Policy On-going
Analysis of Costs and Service Utilization Following Discharge from Medical Hospitalization among Adults with Mental Illnesses This evaluation of current hospital discharge practices examines the differences in outcomes between adults with and without co-occurring serious mental illnesses and chronic medical conditions using Truven Health Analytics MarketScan® Databases. Center on Mental Health Services Research and Policy Completed
Asset Accumulation through Individual Development Accounts This evaluation demonstrated that savers with mental illnesses can develop assets and reach their financial goals when receiving integrated financial education and clinical support. Learn more and access a peer-reviewed research article.  Center on Mental Health Services Research and Policy Completed
Demonstration to Maintain Independence and Employment Long-Term Follow-Up Under the Demonstration to Maintain Independence and Employment (DMIE), the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services funded the state of Texas to develop and test an intervention offering comprehensive health insurance, healthcare navigators, and vocational supports for employed workers with mental illness and co-occurring behavioral and physical health disorders. Center on Mental Health Services Research and Policy Completed
How the Course of Mental Illness and Multiple Health Conditions Predict Change in SSI/SSDI Beneficiary Status and Labor Force Participation for People Under Age 50 This project examined associations between deteriorating mental health conditions and premature labor force exit and public disability program entry, and whether co-occurring physical health conditions exacerbated these transitions. Center on Mental Health Services Research and Policy Completed
Impact of Contingent Work on Subsequent Labor Force Participation and Wages of Workers with Psychiatric Disabilities This study explored the impact of contingent labor (i.e., temporary jobs) on subsequent labor force participation and wages of adults with psychiatric disabilities who were receiving supported employment services. Center on Mental Health Services Research and Policy Completed
Long-Term Effects of Evidence-Based Supported Employment on Earnings and on SSI and SSDI Participation among Individuals with Psychiatric Disabilities This study examined the long-term effects of evidence-based supported employment services on labor force participation, earnings, and attainment of Social Security Administration non beneficiary status through suspension or termination of disability cash payments due to work. Center on Mental Health Services Research and Policy Completed
Observable and Predictable Pathways to Supplemental Security Income/Social Security Disability Insurance Program Exit among Beneficiaries with Psychiatric Disabilities The goal of this project is to learn what individual characteristics, employment features, and ecological factors influence SSA disability beneficiaries with psychiatric disabilities to voluntarily exit the SSI/SSDI program. Center on Mental Health Services Research and Policy Completed
Prevalence of DSM-IV Disorders in the MACS-WIHS Combined Cohort Study This large-scale psychiatric epidemiology study will determine the prevalence, type, and severity of mental health and substance use disorders in a national cohort of men and women living with HIV/AIDS and a matched seronegative cohort. Center on Mental Health Services Research and Policy Completed
Promoting Self-Determination through Self-Directed Care in Texas This randomized controlled trial study demonstrated that participants who received mental health SDC were more likely to work, to be taking classes, and to have lower somatic symptom distress than controls. Center on Mental Health Services Research and Policy Completed
Reasons for Job Separations in a Cohort of Workers with Psychiatric Disabilities This study examined the factors associated with voluntary job separation (i.e., quitting) among workers with mental illness. Center on Mental Health Services Research and Policy Completed
The Mental Health & Rehabilitation Needs of Recipients of Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) in Illinois This study found a high prevalence of current and lifetime mental health and substance abuse disorders among women receiving TANF. Most recipients who were found to have mental health disorders were not receiving needed mental health services. Center on Mental Health Services Research and Policy Completed
The Relationship of Multiple Program Benefits and Employment to SSI/SSDI Enrollment and Reliance This study examined how the Social Security Administration’s programs for people with psychiatric disabilities interact with other benefit programs, and how program participation changes over time in relation to part- or full-time employment. Center on Mental Health Services Research and Policy Completed
Trends in Co-Occurring Serious Mental Illness and Multiple Chronic Conditions and Their Association with Work Disability and SSI/DI This study will describe trends in the U.S. population from the year 2000-2014 regarding the prevalence of depression and other types of mental illness co-occurring with metabolic syndrome-related and other chronic conditions (SMI-MCCs). It also will examine employment and disability outcomes associated with SMI-MCCs over two years of longitudinal follow-up (2013–2014). Center on Mental Health Services Research and Policy Completed
Use of a Diabetes Registry and Care Coordination in a Medical Health Home for People with Mental Illnesses This study found that introducing a diabetes registry and care coordination was associated with significant improvements over time in A1C, total cholesterol, triglycerides, triglyceride/HDL ratio, and blood pressure among patients of two Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) serving adults with serious mental illnesses. Center on Mental Health Services Research and Policy Completed

*System-generated list from psychiatry research website.