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Jane Burke-Miller PhD

Jane Burke-Miller
  • Biostatistician / Research Analyst
Contact Information
  • jkburke [at]
  • (312) 355-1696
  • (312) 355-4189
  • School of Public Health / Psychiatric Institute (SPHPI)
    1601 W. Taylor St.
    SPHPI MC 912
    Chicago IL 60612
  • Room #:482

Dr. Burke-Miller received her degree in Public Health Sciences from the University of Illinois at Chicago, and has extensive experience in all phases of the research process including study design and statistical analysis of complex longitudinal, multisite data.  She was Project Manager of the Coordinating Center for the Employment Intervention Demonstration Program, SAMHSA’s randomized controlled trial of Supported Employment conducted in 8 states from 1996-2001, and since 1999 has worked as Research Analyst on numerous NIDILRR funded projects within the UIC National Research and Training Center. She has worked with federal, state, and local agencies and organizations on research involving supported employment, financial education and asset development for people in recovery, safety, trauma, specialty court programs, pediatric behavioral health screening, and HIV/AIDS. She is skilled in the statistical analysis of nested or longitudinal data using mixed effects random regression models, and in analysis of mental health services utilization data using zero-inflated negative binomial models with various random effects. She is author of numerous peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters, and has made presentations at many professional conferences and federal project meetings. Dr. Burke-Miller’s dissertation involved use of multilevel analysis techniques to examine the influence of urban neighborhood characteristics on African American women’s mental health, and she was awarded the 2005 Peterson Scholarship Award for outstanding contribution to practical application of public health delivery and research.

  • psychiatry

    Longitudinal data analysis, neighborhoods and social epidemiology, employment and disability