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Hafsah Tauseef MS

Hafsah Tauseef
  • Graduate Research Assistant
Contact Information
  • hafsah [at]
  • Institute for Juvenile Research (IJR)
    1747 W. Roosevelt Rd.
    Chicago IL 60612
  • Room #:299

Hafsah Tauseef is a clinical psychology doctoral student with an interest in incorporating the menstrual cycle as a salient time-varying factor for psychopathology. Specifically, she is interested in building idiographic models that can be used for just-in-time-adaptive intervention models. Hafsah has a particular interest in suicide, risky behaviors (i.e., substance use), and internalizing disorders (i.e., depression and anxiety). Her independent line of research expands to three broad themes (1) the development of research methods and applied statistics for studying menses, suicide, and associated psychopathology, (2) The impact of reproductive transitions and ovarian hormones on depression and suicide, and (3) understanding the exacerbates and treatments unique to female psychopathology. Finally, Hafsah is excited to collaborate with individuals who are studying affective disorders during the peripubertal transition, pregnancy, and perimenopause. 

As a training general psychologist, I am primarily interested in providing evidence-based therapy for people experiencing internalizing disorders (e.g., depression, anxiety, post-traumatic disorder). I have a special interest in health psychology treating female patients experiencing reproductive transitions (i.e., perimenstrual, pregnancy, perimenopause) or medical health conditions (i.e., fetal loss, cancer, and sexual dysfunction). I primarily use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques, supplemented with additional evidence-based skills to meet my patient’s goals (e.g., mindfulness-based skills, dialectical behavioral therapy, and exposure therapies).

  • Females, Hormone sensitivity, PMDD, PME, Suicidality, Externalizing behaviors