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Gregg F. Martin PhD

  • Major General, United States Army (Ret.)
  • Author of: “BIPOLAR GENERAL: My Forever War with Mental Illness”
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Major General Gregg F. Martin, PhD, US Army (Ret.) is a 36-year Army combat veteran, bipolar survivor, thriver, and warrior, and a retired two-star general. A former president of the National Defense University, commandant of the Army War College, and commander of Fort Leonard Wood, he is a qualified Airborne-Ranger-Engineer and strategist, who holds degrees from West Point, MIT (two master’s and a PhD), and both the Army and Naval war colleges.    He unknowingly lived most of his life on the bipolar spectrum, which largely enhanced his performance as a leader, until it went too high and ended his career, threw him into crisis, and led to his hospitalization. Now in his eighth year of bipolar recovery, he is an author, speaker, and ardent mental health advocate, who lives with his wife in Cocoa Beach, Florida. He has three sons, two of whom live with bipolar disorder – an artist and a poet/Special Forces veteran – while the third son is an Army Special Forces officer. Gregg’s life mission now is sharing his bipolar story to help stop the stigma, promote recovery, and save lives. His new book, Bipolar General: My Forever War with Mental Illness”, is available on Amazon, and co-published by the Naval Institute Press (Jack Clancy’s first publisher), and the Association of the US Army. For more information, visit .