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Grace Caldwell MD MHA

Grace Caldwell
  • Psychiatry Volunteer
Contact Information
  • gcaldw4 [at]
  • (312) 413-0209
  • Neuropsychiatric Institute (NPI)
    912 S. Wood St.
    Department of Psychiatry (MC 913)
    Chicago IL 60612
  • Room #:329

Grace Caldwell is a recent medical school graduate with academic interests in neuropsychiatry and child and adolescent psychiatry. After finishing her undergraduate studies in leadership and psychology at the University of New Brunswick in Canada, Grace went on to complete her M.D. through Saint James School of Medicine. In 2020, Grace joined Dr. Eisenlohr-Moul's CLEAR lab as a psychiatry volunteer interested in exploring the neurobiological influences on mental health and acute suicidality throughout the menstrual cycle.

  • psychiatry

    Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Neuropsychiatry