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Geraldine S. Fox MD MHPE FAACAP

Geraldine S. Fox
  • Psychiatry Department Chair, University of Illinois College of Medicine-Rockford Campus
  • Adjunct Professor of Medical Education, UICOM
  • Professor Emerita of Clinical Psychiatry, UICOM
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  • foxg [at]
  • (312) 996-9506

Please Click here to view the introduction, sample video clips, and a description of the video series.

Dr. Fox's activities in psychiatry include teaching, administration, and clinical practice. 
Dr. Fox is an award-winning teacher at both the university and national levels. She currently serves as the Psychiatry Department Chair on UICOM’s Rockford campus, where she is also the Director of Medical Student Education. Dr. Fox is Co-Director of UIC/IJR’s Jay G. Hirsch Medical Student Program for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (Klingenstein Third-Generation Foundation grant recipient). Her previous UICOM leadership positions include Director of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Training at IJR, Director of Medical Student Education on the Chicago campus, Assistant Dean of Graduate Medical Education on the Chicago campus, and Associate Dean of Wellness and Resilience Curriculum across all campuses.

Dr. Fox's clinical practice philosophy is to be a family's psychiatrist throughout the life cycle, including family systems in transition. She works with individuals, couples, and families, from infancy through old age. 

Dr. Fox's activities in graduate medical education included directing the internal review process for over 50 graduate medical education programs at UIC, as well as providing institutional oversight, curriculum development, and faculty development.

Dr. Fox's activities as Associate Dean for Wellness and Resilience Curriculum included curriculum development, administrative coordination, direct teaching, and faculty development for the wellness subtheme of the medical student curriculum across all three campuses.

Dr. Fox is Board-certified in both general psychiatry and child and adolescent psychiatry. She received her medical degree from UIC, completed her psychiatry residency at Northwestern, her child and adolescent psychiatry fellowship at UIC/IJR, and her Masters in Health Professions Education at UIC.

  • 2022 Fred Sierles Leadership and Excellence in Psychiatric Education Award, Association of Directors of Medical Student Educators in Psychiatry (ADMSEP)
  • 2022 Distinguished Service Award, University of Illinois College of Medicine-Chicago Campus
  • 2021 Distinguished Teaching Award, University of Illinois College of Medicine-Rockford Campus
  • 2020 Distinguished Educator Award, American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
  • 2015 American Psychiatric Association Vestermark Psychiatry Educator Award

    Presented at the Institute on Psychiatric Services Annual Meeting, New York, NY, October 8-11, 2015. "This Award, established in 1969, is concerned with excellence, leadership and creativity in the field of psychiatric education. It is jointly supported by the National Institute of Mental Health and the American Psychiatric Association, and is given annually to a psychiatric educator for outstanding contributions to the education and development of psychiatrists. It concentrates on the field of psychiatric education in its broad context, with special emphasis on preparation of teachers, use of new educational tools and improved teaching techniques in the field of mental health."

  • 2014-15 Fellow, Hedwig van Ameringen Executive Leadership in Academic Medicine® (ELAM).

     "ELAM is a national leadership course which provides training for approximately 54 women per year, selected from a national pool of candidates nominated by their medical school deans. The ELAM commitment involves three weeks of on-site coursework, as well as a year-long institutional action project. Dr. Fox’s institutional action project is to develop a wellness initiative for the UIC College of Medicine."

  • 2013 Psychiatric Educator of the Year, Association for Academic Psychiatry.

    “Established in 1988, this national award is given to one psychiatric educator per year. The Award honors excellence in impactful psychiatric education that is further exemplified in an outstanding educational project or program. The Award acknowledges innovative and exemplary psychiatric educators for their educational projects or programs—at the medical school, residency and faculty development levels, as well as for programs involved in educating non-psychiatrists and/or the general public about psychiatry.”

  • 2012 Outstanding Mentor Award, American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.
  • 2011 Innovations Award, Association of Directors of Medical Student Education in Psychiatry.

    “This national award recognizes a member of ADMSEP who has implemented an outstanding project or program in medical student education in psychiatry. The purpose of the award is to recognize an achievement which is innovative, unique, creative, inspiring and has a documented record of success.”

  • 2010 Roberts Award for Inspirational Mentorship, Association for Academic Psychiatry.

    “The purpose of the Roberts Award is to honor a psychiatric educator who has supported medical students, residents and early career psychiatry faculty in their development as educators and who has, by example, modeled academic careers in psychiatry and fostered others through mentorship. It is awarded to a loved teacher who served as an inspiration to others - the person who helped mold the development of others in psychiatry.”

  • 2007-present Best Doctors in America, America’s Top Doctors
  • psychiatry

    As the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry's Liaison to the Association of Directors of Medical Student Education in Psychiatry, Dr. Fox led a task force to improve the quality of child psychiatry education in medical student education nationally. Academic interests include work- life balance and wellness. She is interested in the use of stimulus video in improving teaching, particularly in normal development.

  • Media Projects

    Dr. Fox is the author, director, and producer of a longitudinal stimulus video curriculum resource for educators who teach normal child and adolescent development. This DVD project is available in two 10-year installments: Normal Development in the First Ten Years of Life and Normal Development in Middle Childhood and Adolescence. The video series is currently in use at the majority of the medical schools in the US. Please Click here to view the introduction, sample video clips, and a description of the video series. She is also the author and producer of Saying Goodbye, a personal stimulus video documentary curriculum resource on end-of-life. The purpose of Saying Goodbye is to train health-care providers about the normal phases of aging, end-of-life, attachment and loss for both patients and their families. The video is designed to increase understanding and empathy through group discussion.

    Dr. Fox’s video series have won multiple national awards, including the Chicago International Film Festival INTERCOM’s 2013 Certificate of Merit for Saying Goodbye; the Chicago International Film Festival INTERCOM’s 2010 Certificate of Merit for her Normal Development 20-year series; the Columbus International Film and Video Festival 2003 Bronze Plaque for Normal Development in the First Ten Years of Life, and the Telly Awards 2003 Bronze Finalist Award for Normal Development in the First Ten Years of Life

  • Media---Stimulus Video Curricula (DVDs with Instructor’s Manuals):

    Fox, G. Saying Goodbye: A personal documentary about attachment and loss, and end-of-life. A Stimulus Video Curriculum Resource for Educators. © 2013.

    Fox, G. Normal Development in Middle Childhood and Adolescence: A Longitudinal Stimulus Video for Educators. © 2010.

    Fox, G. Normal Development in the First Ten Years of Life: A Longitudinal Stimulus Video Observation. ©2002.



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Date Released Title Source
04/04/2024 Dr. Kelley Volpe and Dr. Julie Carbray (Chicago) and Dr. Geri Fox and Dr. Adrienne Adams (Rockford) and Dr. Lourdes Delgado-Serrano (Peoria) serve as co-directors of the UICCOM Jay G Hirsch KTGF Fellowship.
04/04/2024 Dr. Geri Fox presented at the 2024 AADPRT Annual Meeting entitled “Stories Change Us: Using Narrative Medicine to Foster Connection, Empathy, and Reflection as an Antidote to Burnout"
12/15/2023 Dr. Fox was invited to present “Taking Action on Burnout” at Psychiatry Grand Rounds, Medical College of Wisconsin.
07/08/2023 Dr. Geri Fox has been selected for membership in the UICOM Alpha Omega Alpha (AΩA) Faculty Inductee Class of 2023.
03/28/2023 In February 2023, Dr. Geri Fox, was awarded the title of Emerita Director of the Klingenstein Third- Generation Foundation-Jay G. Hirsch Medical Student Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship
03/28/2023 Maurice Rosenthal MD’s book published: Defenses Against Loss of Contentment: Humanistic, Research, and Clinical Approaches to the Mood
08/24/2022 Dr. Geri Fox received the Fred Sierles Leadership and Excellence in Psychiatric Education Award
08/24/2022 Psychotherapy Electives Presentation by Dr. Fox and ADMSEP Colleagues
08/24/2022 Geri Fox, MD presents Grand Rounds on Preadolescent Teasing at Medical College of Wisconsin
08/24/2022 Dr. Geri Fox received the 2022 UICOM Distinguished Service Award
11/22/2021 Dr. Geraldine Fox, Lewis J, Drell M, and Wrzosek M. “Beyond Yelp Reviews: Understanding and Managing Hostile Feedback from Learners.” Workshop Presentation. AAP Annual Meeting, September 9, 2021.
11/22/2021 Dr. Geraldine Fox, Sondheimer T, Maris G, Sondheimer A. “Never, Rarely, Sometimes, Always.” Media Theatre presentation. AACAP Annual Meeting, October 28, 2021.
11/22/2021 Dr. Geraldine Fox, Stevens H, Gwynette M, Birmaher B, Caraballo A, Sidhu S. “AACAP Rapid-Fire Trainee Case Presentations.” Invited Panelist. AACAP Annual Meeting, October 28, 2021
05/26/2021 Dr. Geri Fox speaker at the Association of Directors of Medical Student Education in Psychiatry
03/26/2021 Geri Fox MD, MHPE received the 2021 Distinguished Teaching Award from the UIC COM, Rockford Campus. UIC College of Medicine Faculty Awards
12/11/2020 Geri Fox, MD, MHPE has been given the 2020 Distinguished Educator Award by the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
01/25/2020 UI COM Chicago students participated in the Klingenstein Third-Generation Foundation Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Medical Student Fellowship
09/30/2018 Dr. Geri Fox, chair of the Department of Psychiatry on the UICOM Rockford UIC College of Medicine
01/10/2018 Congratulations to our Castle Connolly “2018 Top Doctors” UI Health
12/15/2017 Dr. Geri Fox was named in Chicago Magazine list of Top Doctors for 2018! Chicago Magazine