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David R. Walega MD MSCI

  • Associate Professor of Anesthesiology
  • Northwestern Medicine
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  • d-walega [at]
  • 312-695-2500
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Chronic pain has negative effects in every domain of our lives. Treating pain before it becomes chronic is critical. My interests in the management of pain symptoms varies greatly, as there is an incredible amount of new technology emerging now that improves patient outcomes, limits disability, and when introduced appropriately, is cost effective.

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Title Description Investigator(s) Category Status
Stellate Ganglion Blockade for the Management of Vasomotor Symptoms NIA - R01 AG049924 This multi-year grant supports a randomized, sham-controlled clinical trial of stellate ganglion blockade on vasomotor symptoms in midlife women. Secondary outcomes include cognition, mood, brain imaging outcomes, and autonomic nervous system activity. This study is funded by the National Institute on Aging. Women's Mental Health Research Program On-going

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