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Christine Rabinak PhD

Christine Rabinak
  • Assistant Professor, Pharmacy Practice
  • Translational Neuroscience Program, Psychiatry & Behavioral Neurosciences
  • Wayne State University
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Christine Rabinak PhD, is an Associate Professor in the Departments of Pharmacy Practice, Psychiatry & Behavioral Neurosciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences, the Translational Neuroscience Program, and the Merrill Palmer Skillman Institute and the Director of the Translational Neuropsychopharmacology Lab ( at Wayne State University.  Dr. Rabinak’s research objectives are built on the state-of-the-science formulation that posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is driven partly by ineffective fear extinction, and that treatments can be more effective if fear extinction and/or its retention are facilitated. Dr. Rabinak is currently investigating the endocannabinoid system in the brain as a potential pharmacological target for improving the learning that goes on in therapy and perhaps increasing efficacy and durability of exposure therapy in treating PTSD (e.g. shortening treatment while strengthening and prolonging gains).

For more information, visit Dr. Rabinak's profile at Wayne State University.

Title Description Investigator(s) Category Status
Effects of THC on Retention of Memory for Fear Extinction Learning in PTSD R61 MH111935-01    NIH/NIMH Clinical Cognitive Affective Neuroscience Lab Completed

*System-generated list from psychiatry research website.