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Andrew Widmer MD PhD

Andrew Widmer
  • Resident, Cincinati Children’s Hospital
  • T32 in the Neuroscience of Mental Health Graduate
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Andrew Widmer is a resident in Child Neurology at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and Medical Center. 

Andrew writes on his T32 experience: 

My thesis advisor was John Larson and we studied inhibitory neurotransmission in a brain region highly relevant to the Fragile X Syndrome phenotype, with the goal being identification of points of intervention that could relieve the hyperexcitability or learning deficit associated with this disease.
Since defending my PhD thesis in Spring 2017and having it accepted without revision, I have returned to medical training and am expected to graduate in May 2019. My chosen field is partly a consequence of the research I conducted while supported by this grant: I am entering a residency in Child Neurology at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and Medical Center, one of the best training programs in the country. The study of FXS gave me increased appreciation for the unique medical needs of young patients who are afflicted with developmental or congenital neurological diseases. After working with pediatric neurologists to increase the translational nature of my research and performing the basic science work of patch-clamp electrophysiology, I am even more deeply interested in epileptogenesis and its treatment in the pediatric population. During my residency interviews, I was thrilled to meet many translational researchers interested in the work I had performed. My early electrophysiological work will lend itself well to a lifelong career as a physician scientist, furthering our understanding of the processes underlying neurological disease and potential therapeutics.