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# Event Date Event Name Event Category
1 05/22/2024 Conspiracy Theory Beliefs: A Sane Response to an Insane World? Grand Rounds Details
2 05/16/2024 Addiction Affinity Group: Humna Fayyaz, MD, MPH Addiction Affinity Group Details
3 05/15/2024 BIPOLAR GENERAL: My Forever War with Mental Illness* Grand Rounds Details
4 05/09/2024 Neuroscience Seminar Series: Guy Mensah-Nyagan, PhD and Josh Sevigny, PhD Student Neuroscience Seminar Series Details
5 05/08/2024 Interprofessional Collaboration Regarding Use of Psychotropic Medications in Children and Adolescents Grand Rounds Details
6 05/02/2024 Neuroscience Journal Club: Lindsey Ramirez, PhD Neuroscience Journal Club Details
7 05/01/2024 Leveraging Implementation Science and Design Methods to Develop Community-Based Mental Health Services for Forcibly Displaced Families and Communities Grand Rounds Details
8 04/25/2024 Neuroscience Seminar Series: Catherine Marcinkiewcz, PhD Neuroscience Seminar Series Details
9 04/24/2024 Substance Use in Context: Adverse Childhood Experiences and Developmental Trajectories Grand Rounds Details
10 04/19/2024 Spring Statistics/AI Lecture Series: Automated Analysis of Medication Outcomes for Parkinson's Disease: A Transformer-Based Approach Using Social Media Posts Biostatistics Research Program Details
11 04/18/2024 Addiction Affinity Group: Kyle Beuoy, MD Addiction Affinity Group Details
12 04/17/2024 Annual Erminio Costa Memorial Lecture (A tribute to Erminio Costa)* Department Events Details
13 04/12/2024 Spring Statistics/AI Lecture Series: Generative Ai: Fine-tuning and Semantic Embeddings Biostatistics Research Program Details
14 04/11/2024 Neuroscience Seminar Series: Muñoz Marcos David Neuroscience Seminar Series Details
15 04/10/2024 Importance of Neuropsychology in Psychiatric Disorders Grand Rounds Details
16 04/05/2024 Spring Statistics/AI Lecture Series: Issues and Challenges of Generative AI in Mental Health Biostatistics Research Program Details
17 04/04/2024 No Neuroscience Journal Club Seminar 4/4/2024 Neuroscience Journal Club Details
18 04/03/2024 What Everyone Doesn’t Know about Searching the Literature (but should) Grand Rounds Details
19 03/29/2024 Spring Statistics/AI Lecture Series: Multinomial Logistic Regression Biostatistics Research Program Details
20 03/28/2024 No Neuroscience Seminar 3/28/2024 Neuroscience Seminar Series Details