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Examples of Training Plans

Hypothetical Examples


The examples below are sample programs, designed to provide ideas to students who may apply to our program.  These examples represent rotations that interns have done in the past.  Please keep in mind that available rotations and experiences change from year to year based on faculty availability and changes in ongoing projects.  Please see our current list of Specific Training Opportunities for experiences available during the upcoming internship year.   A student does not need to have the details of the program for his/her year articulated to apply, but does need to indicate a specific area of emphasis for the year.


Example 1:

Student is interested in a career in the neurosciences. He applies to the adult track, and develops the program below for his internship year.


Seminars/Clinical Conferences (20% entire year): Behavioral Neuroscience Series; Neuroradiology Rounds; Substance Abuse Rounds; Adult and Adolescent Neuropsychology Rounds; Core seminars.


Example 2:

Student has a strong interest in psychopathology in adults. She applies to the adult track. Note that the concentration she develops also contains several experiences offered by the child track. 


Seminars/Clinical Conferences (20% entire year): Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy; Stress and anxiety disorders clinic staffing; Medication management staffing; Seminar on severe psychopathology; Seminar on Psychopharmacology for severe mental illness; Core seminars.


Example 3:

Student has a strong interest in school-based intervention. He applies to the child track and develops the program below. Note that his clinical placement complements his clinical/research interests.



Seminars/Clinical Conferences (20% entire year): Prevention and Intervention in Schools and Communities; Medical Problems Staffing; Multidisciplinary Team Conference; Behavioral Neuroscience Series; Core seminars.


Example 4:

Student is interested in mental health services research, with a specific interest in internalizing disorders in children. She designs the following program, which includes clinical and research experiences with internalizing disorders in children and adults.



Seminars/Clinical Conferences (20% entire year): Prevention and Intervention in Schools and Communities; Childhood Anxiety Clinic Staffing; Childhood Bipolar Clinic Staffing; Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy; Core Seminars.


Actual Examples from Prior Interns




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