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Advanced Practicum in Health Psychology

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The Health Psychology rotation offers the opportunity to gain experience in a variety of behavioral health roles in bariatric surgery and sleep medicine. Externs will be part of a multidisciplinary team with a predominantly low income and ethnically diverse patient population.


Training opportunities include:

Bariatric Surgery

  • Conduct pre-bariatric surgery psychological evaluations using semi-structured clinical interview, medical chart review, and psychological testing to address patient readiness for and understanding of bariatric surgery. This experience will include specialized training in the assessment of disordered eating with this population.
  • Conduct follow-up appointments with pre-operative patients to address issues impeding surgical readiness. These appointments may be brief (1-2 sessions) or ongoing.
  • Participate in a multidisciplinary follow-up clinic with post-operative patients to address barriers and supports to adherence as well as adjustment.
  • Co-lead limited structured psychoeducational groups to assist post-operative patients in increasing adherence to dietary and exercise guidelines, as available.
  • Co-lead monthly bariatric surgery support groups.
  • Provide long- or short-term individual therapy with post-surgery patients, as available. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), motivational enhancement, and mindfulness are utilized.
  • This training opportunity occurs in the Psychiatry Department and Bariatric Surgery clinic.

Externs are encouraged to attend weekly multidisciplinary bariatric surgery team meetings. They also have the option to attend weekly research meetings for and participate in Dr. Herbozo’s Body Image and Eating Behaviors lab. Various research opportunities are available within her lab. Externs who wish to develop a research project in the Health Psychology areas noted above are encouraged to do so. Didactic opportunities include weekly psychiatry grand rounds and neuropsychology lectures.