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The female reproductive cycle, along with sociocultural gender roles, can exert a major influence on the course, expression and treatment of psychiatric disorders. The aim of this PGY 4 specialization is to develop a cadre of experts in the psychiatric care of women, and in the assessment and treatment of psychiatric symptoms linked with female reproductive cycle transitions. Fellows acquire expertise in treating psychiatric disorders associated with the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, the postpartum period, and perimenopause. They come to understand the treatment implications of sex and gender differences in the expression of major psychiatric illnesses. They develop an in-depth appreciation of the influence of sociocultural gender roles on psychopathology.


Program Directors

Danijela Stojanac MD

  • Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry
  • Co-Director in Women's Mental Health Division
  • Director of Women’s Mental Health Fellowship

(312) 996-9519
(312) 413-4265
dstoja3atuic [dot] edu

Melissa L. Wagner-Schuman MD, PhD

  • Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry
  • Co-Director, Women's Mental Health Clinical Services

(312) 996-5089
mwagner9atuic [dot] edu

Ashley Mulvihill MD

  • Assistant Professor of Clincial Psychiatry
  • Director of Integrated Women’s Mental Health-Child Psychiatry Track
  • Illinois Doc Assist Consultant
  • Associate Residency Training Director of Psychiatry
  • University of Illinois at Chicago

(312) 413-1768
(312) 355-1555
amulvih2atuic [dot] edu