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Description of Teaching/Learning Activities

The Global Mental Health Fellow will:

  1. Provide clinical services at UIC Psychiatry in a clinic of mutual agreement
    1. The fellow will commit 20% of their time to clinical services at UIC Psychiatry.
    2. At no time will the fellow exceed 80 hour maximum weekly hour limit.
    3. Fellow will have on-site faculty supervision
    4. Opportunities include:
      1. Women's Mental Health Clinic
      2. Mood and Anxiety Clinic
      3. Anchor Point (Psychosis) Clinic
      4. Neuropsychiatry Clinic
      5. Recovery Clinic
      6. Memory and Aging Clinic
  2. Provide clinical services at Heartland Health Centers which serve predominantly immigrant and refugee populations in Chicago
    1. The fellow will commit 30% of their time to clinical services at Heartland
    2. At no time will the fellow exceed 80 hour maximum weekly hour limit.
    3. Fellow will have on-site faculty supervision


Objective D: Education
Fellows will actively engage in the learning experience through didactics, attending seminars, auditing UIC graduate level courses, and being attentive to direct supervision. They will build their literacy on global mental health topics and methods.

Objective E: Teaching
Fellows will participate in the development and teaching of the Global Mental Health Seminar with Dr. Weine, as described above. They will deepen their familiarity with the scientific literature and gain experience in teaching global mental health to a multidisciplinary audience of students, trainees, and faculty.

Facilities and Other Resources:
The Department of Psychiatry and Heartland Health Centers will provide appropriate work space for the fellow to meet their fellowship responsibilities.

Evaluation Plan Program Evaluation:
The program will be evaluated annually in month 12 by the participating fellow by completing the standardized review forms used by UIC psychiatry, which will be adapted to fit global mental health, as well as by a de-briefing interview in at 6 and 12 months. The participating faculty will also participate in an annual focus group review at 12 months with results and recommendations compiled by Dr. Weine and shared with all program faculty.

Participant Evaluation:
Fellows will be evaluated at least twice a year by participating faculty and the program director. These evaluations are designed to focus on the fellows achievement of milestones specific to this fellowship within the framework of aforementioned competencies.

Evaluation of Faculty:
Fellows will formally evaluate faculty once a year. They will have the opportunity to discuss any concerns about faculty with the program director at any time.