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Child Psychiatry Fellowship Match

Here are the results for our Child Psychiatry Fellowship Match. We are excited to welcome these new fellows to the next academic year.

Thank you to everyone who worked hard to make this wonderful recruitment season possible!

CAP Fellows Matched Candidate

Emily Green, MD

Emily Green, MD
University of Wisconsin in Madison

Camila Haynes, MD

Camila Haynes, MD
Howard University Hospital

Ravneet Singh, MD

Ravneet Singh, MD
Rosalind Franklin University

Featured Profile

Kelley A. Volpe MD

  • Assistant Clinical Professor
  • Medical Director, Pediatric Stress and Anxiety Clinic (PSADC)
  • Program Director, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship Training Program (CAP)

(312) 996-0434
(312) 413-7757
kwilli45atuic [dot] edu