Women's Mental Health

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Women's Mental Health


This experience involves rotating on “Red Team” for several weeks at a time as a PGY1 and PGY2 under the supervision of Dr. Stojanac, and Dr. Mulvihill. This service is unique in terms of its diverse psychopathology and high proportion of pregnant patients, as UIC is one of the only hospitals in Chicago that cares for pregnant psychiatric inpatients at any gestational age. This rotation provides residents with opportunities to learn about psychopharmacology and ethical issues of acute psychiatric care in the peripartum period, and to work closely with OB/GYN to optimize patient care.



Residents in their PGY3 year can request to be placed into this longitudinal Intake and Continuity Clinic at UIC, which occurs on Mondays and Wednesdays and is supervised by Dr. Stojanac. Residents have an opportunity to treat a variety of mental health problems related to hormonal changes, associated with the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, the postpartum period, and menopause transition as well as hormonal treatments while understanding the influence of sex and gender on the expression of major psychiatric illnesses and developing appreciation of the influence of gender roles on psychopathology. Residents will receive training in pharmacotherapy for pregnant and breastfeeding women, perinatal loss, substance abuse in perinatal women, trauma based disorders and the impact of maternal mental illness on the developing fetus and infant.



Insight Behavioral Health is a private psychiatry group in downtown Chicago that specializes in treating eating disorders. Residents complete new intakes or follow-ups for patients in the residential/PHP eating disorders programs while building skills regarding the management of mood and anxiety disorders in female population. Residents rotate through Insight for 4 weeks in PGY3 year with an option for further experience either during an PGY4 elective or fellowship.


PGY4 Specialization (Fellowship)

The University of Illinois Chicago is a nationally recognized leader in the field of women’s health and women’s mental health. It is a federally funded Center of Excellence for Women’s Health. The Women’s Mental Health fellowship is a specialization offered to PGY4s. It is primarily a clinical specialty training, but each fellow also would have an option to participate in research or scholarly project, the nature and scope of which depends on the fellow’s interests.

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