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Interventional Psychiatry

Residents have the opportunity to work with faculty in our new Interventional Psychiatry service. This includes working with ketamine infusion therapies to treat treatment-resistant unipolar or bipolar depression. Residents can also learn how to use transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) therapy with our MagVenture MagPro R30 device, one of the only FDA-cleared devices capable of delivering intermittent theta burst protocols in under 3 minutes (compared to the standard 40 minutes). Our Interventional Psychiatry service also offers research opportunities for residents with these novel treatment modalities.



UIC provides psychiatric patients with the option of ECT for severe or refractory psychopathology, including catatonia refractory to treatment with benzodiazapines, severe refractory depression or bipolar depression with and without psychotic features, severe refractory psychosis, and severe mood or psychotic disorders in pregnant patients. ECT is done on Monday through Friday mornings under supervision of Drs. Ahluwalia, Cooper, Lloyd, Kilaru and Petry.



Residents are required to be directly involved in administration of ECT once weekly when rotating on the inpatient psychiatric unit at UIC. There is occasional involvement with submitting petitions for court-ordered ECT to Mental Health Court for patients who are unable to consent to treatment.


PGY4 elective

Residents assist with inpatient and outpatient evaluations to determine the appropriateness of ECT as a treatment option for patients with particular psychopathologies, and assist ECT attendings and PGY1 residents with ECT administration three times weekly.