Inpatient Specialty Teams

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Inpatient Specialty Teams

Patients with a variety of psychotic disorders, including first episode psychosis. Residents gain experience with long-acting injectables and clozapine.

Patients with severe depression, anxiety, bipolar, and substance use disorders. Residents gain experience with psychopharmacology and incorporating therapy techniques on the inpatient unit.

Patients with diverse psychopathology and many pregnant patients. Residents work closely with OB/GYN and learn about psychopharmacology and ethical issues of acute psychiatric care in the peripartum period.

UIC has a 5- bed med/psych unit with complex patients with acute medical and psychiatric issues. Residents gain experience collaborating with Medicine and managing psychiatric comorbidity in medically complex patients. Purple time includes all med-psych patients as well as neuropsychiatry patients such as those with developmental disorders, epilepsy, traumatic brain injury, and dementias.