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General Psychiatry Residency

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Awards and Recoginition

Awards Recipients

2020 Jinger Hoop Ethics in Psychiatry Award

Alexandra Dyer
Neha Chatrath
Bess Levin
Gabriella Waserstein
Beyond Capacity: Multidisciplinary Decision-Making
Regarding Ectopic Pregnancy in a Psychotic Patient”

Honorable Mention: Eric Silverman


2020 Psychiatry Research Writing Award

Amit Bhatia & Jason Misaki –
“Weight Changes Associated with Antipsychotic
Medication in the Treatment of Illinois Youth-In-Care”

2020 Outstanding Teaching for Medical Students

Eric Silverman

2019 APA SAMHSA Minority Fellowship

Laura Briz

2019 Jinger Hoop Ethics in Psychiatry Award

Laura Briz
"Sterilization of Intellectually Disabled Women"

2019 Psychiatry Research Writing Award

Gaby Waserstein
"The Prevalence and Impact of Psychiatric Symptoms in an Undiagnosed Diseases Clinical Program"

2019 Outstanding Teaching for Medical Students

Luke Petry

2019 UIC Graduate Medical Education Committee

Ann Franco Chakkalakal

2019 UI Health Engagement and Recognition Team

Ankita Sharma

2019 AMSA President

Perry Tsai

2019-2020 Quality & Safety Strategy & Leadership (QSSL) Steering Committee

Amy Abramowitz

2018 APA SAMHSA Minority Fellowship

Brandi Jackson

2018 Jinger Hoop Ethics in Psychiatry Award

Jerry Benzl
"The Collective Consciousness of Mens Rea: A Durkheimian View on the Criminal Charging of a Psychotic Patient"

2018 Outstanding Teaching for Medical Students

Ann Franco Chakkalakal

2018 AAGP Honors Scholars Program

Amy Abramowitz

2018 APA Research Colloquium Travel Award

2018 Andreea Seicean

Emerging Leaders in Patient Safety Award

Amy Abramowitz

2017 APA SAMHSA Minority Fellowship

Angela Shrestha

2017 Jinger Hoop Ethics in Psychiatry Award

Eric Cheung
"Informed Consent and Therapeutic Privilege in the Context of Delusions"

2017 Outstanding Teaching for Medical Students

Brandi Jackson

2017 Outstanding Resident Award Honorable Mention by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)

Andreea Seicean

2017 UIC Research Extravaganza Poster Winner - 2nd placer

John Zulueta
"Convergence of Active and Passive Assessments of Affective Instability in Predicting the Prospective Course of Bipolar Disorder: The BiAffect Study"
Jonathan P. Stange, John Zulueta, Scott A. Langenecker, Kelly A. Ryan, Andrea Piscitello, Olusola Ajilore, Jenna Duffey Melvin G. McInnis, Pete Nelson, Alex Leow

From Preconception to Parenthood: Ethical Considerations in the Psychiatrically Ill Pregnant Woman - APA 2019 Presentation - (Melissa Wagner MD/PhD, Angela Shrestha MD, Brandi Jackson MD, Alexia Copenhaver MD

Avoidance-Based Eating Disturbance in an 80-Year-Old Male Patient, 2018 Association of Medicine and Psychiatry ConferenceSara Kashani, MD, Melissa Wagner-Schuman, MD, PhD

Cerebellar Pontine Angle Tumor Presenting as Mania.  Chakkalakal A, Reed E, Katragadda S, Cooper J.  Journal of Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences. 2019.

Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder in a Patient with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: A Case Report, 2018 Association of Medicine and Psychiatry ConferenceAmy Abramowitz MDJacob Fyda MD, Mai Nguyen MD, Melissa Wagner MD/PhD

A Pilot Intervention for a Structured Handoff Protocol for Inpatient Psychiatry, 2019 Association for Academic Psychiatry Conference, Amy Abramowitz MD, Melissa Wagner MD/PhD

V. Vu, C. Reardon, A. Dyer, R. Factor, I. Glick, P. Mehta, T. Stull. Sports Psychiatry: A Portable, Didactic Curriculum. American Association of Directors of Psychiatric Residency Training Model Curriculum. Curriculum Development Date: 2018.

Use of Intracranial EEG in Catatonia Secondary to Temporal Lobe Epilepsy, 2018 ANPA Conference and 2018 International Society for ECT and Neurostimulation, Eric Silverman MD.

Eric Cheung, Transition to Psychiatry: Curiosity About Our Patients Illinois Psychiatric Society: Mind Matters, Resident’s Corner, Issue 37, November 2017

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Waserstein, G., Boazak, M., Nagar, A., Palanci, J., & Tune, L.. Catatonia Secondary to Olanzapine Discontinuation: A Dramatic Decline and a Dramatic Response. The American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry. 2017, Mar; 25(3): S109.

Waserstein, G. F..(March, 2017). Axis Off Balance: Utilizing the HPA Axis to Understand Prolactinomas Oral Presentation presented at: Emory Midtown Hospital Internal Medicine Grand Rounds; Atlanta, GA, USA.

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