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Psychiatry Fellowships


The Clinical Fellowship in Addiction Psychiatry is an ACGME accredited, 1 year program that focuses on the treatment of substance-related disorders. Fellows receive training at both UIC and the Jesse Brown VA hospital.  They will also gain experience working in emergent/urgent care, "community", consult-liaison in general hospital, and private practice settings. Patients come from a variety of socioeconomic, gender, ethnic, and age backgrounds- including adolescents. Fellows may have an opportunity to identify populations or settings of particular interest to them and to develop rotations in conjunction with faculty that permit the fellow to gain more in-depth knowledge of those areas of interest.


Behavioral Neurology and Neuropsychiatry

The Behavioral Neurology and Neuropsychiatry Fellowship Training Program at UIC is a UCNS accredited 1 year fellowship. The program is open to residents who have completed a residency program in either psychiatry or neurology. The goal of the fellowship is to train highly qualified behavioral neurologists and neuropsychiatrists for careers in clinical practice, medical education, and research. Fellows will gain a broad knowledge in the field through extensive exposure to the core literature in neuropsychiatry, neuropsychology, and behavioral neurology. They will develop clinical expertise in the care of patients with brain dysfunction, including understanding of diagnostic skills, neurologic and mental status examinations, cognitive testing, electrophysiological testing, neuroimaging, differential diagnosis, crisis intervention, application of time-limited psychotherapy, and referral for rehabilitative therapies.


Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

The ACGME accredited Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship Training Program currently accepts three fellows in each year of training for a total of six fellows. Fellows will train at The Institute for Juvenile Research (IJR), the first institution in the world devoted solely to the study and treatment of mental health and illness in children and adolescents. The core of the C&A psychiatry fellowship is two years of supervised clinical work with infants, children, and adolescents as well as with their families, schools and communities. With supervision, fellows are consultants in multiple settings, such as in pediatrics and within a consulting team to a paired public school and local mental health center. They also have two inpatient experiences, on site within a longer-term, DCFS-sponsored unit for adolescents and off-site with a diverse C&A patient population at Hartgrove Behavioral Health. The interviewing season begins in October of each year.


Clinical Informatics

Clinical Informatics is a relatively new subspeciality of medicine which focuses on the analysis and use of information and communication systems to improve clinical care. It is open to graduates of all ACGME residency programs (including Psychiatry!). UIC has one of the first ACGME-accredited Clinical Informatics fellowship. For more information about UIC's Clinical Informatics fellowship please visit http://pathology.uic.edu/clinical-informatics-fellowship/


Global Mental Health

The overall purpose of the fellowship is to train psychiatrists as leaders in clinical practice, public health, capacity building, education, and research concerning mental health and psychosocial problems in low-resource contexts globally and in the United States. The Global Mental Health Fellowship is designed to develop a set of core competencies: 1) Describe the cultural expressions of mental illness and implement culturally appropriate prevention and treatment. 2) Utilize locally available resources, including limited/essential medications, to provide high-quality clinical care to address the local burden of mental illness. 3)Collaborate on an interdisciplinary team to strengthen and expand access to mental health services. 4) Develop effective teaching skills to build the capacity of local health workers to care for the mentally ill using evidence-based protocols.


Women's Mental Health

As a federally funded Center of Excellence for Women's Health, UIC is uniquely equipped to offer the Women's Mental Health Fellowship to general psychiatry residents in their fourth year. Women's Mental Health fellows will be trained to deliver mental health services for women with reproductive and gender- related problems, such as premenstrual dysphoria, pregnancy-related mental illness, parenting problems, perimenopausal mood disorders, eating disorders, and post-traumatic stress disorders. While this is primarily a clinical fellowship, but each fellow also has an option to participate in research or a scholarly project, the nature and scope of which depends on the fellow’s interests.  The Women’s Mental Health Program is a winner of the American Psychiatric Association’s Gold Award for innovative mental health services, and the American College of Psychiatrists’ Award for Creativity in Psychiatric Education.  The fellowship is a specialization offered to PGY4s and is not a formal, ACGME-accredited fellowship.