General Psychiatry Residency | Curriculum

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Rotation Schedule

Morning rotations:

Day Hospital Program (VA) - 8 weeks

Day Hospital is an intensive outpatient program at the VA; patients are typically enrolled for 4-6 weeks.  Residents are assigned as the primary case managers for up to 2 patients at a time. Involvement includes intensive daily psychotherapy, medication management, and assistance with connection to outpatient services. Residents also co-lead group therapy.

Mental Health Intensive  Case Management (VA) - 4 weeks

MHICM is an assertive community treatment program run through the VA, which serves patients with severe psychotic disorders and the chronically mentally ill. Residents go out into the field with MHICM staff for home visits, and spend a half day per week in clinic with the MHICM psychiatrist.

Women's Mental Health - 4 weeks

Residents rotate at Insight Behavioral Health in downtown Chicago, completing new intakes or followups for patients in the residential/PHP eating disorders programs, and building skills with management of mood and anxiety disorders in women.

Addictions (VA) - 8 weeks

Split between the Drug Dependency Treatment Center (DDTC), Alternative Treatment Program (ATP), and Substance Abuse Residential Rehabilitation Program (SARRTP). DDTC supervises medication-assisted treatment for veterans with substance use disorders; residents will become familiar with initiating and managing methadone and suboxone in particular. ATP is an intensive outpatient program which provides individual and group therapies and medication management for veterans. SARRTP is a 6-week residential program with explicit focus on substance use disorders.

Elective - 4 weeks

Residents may arrange any available elective; please see the PGY4 page for a partial list of options.

Neuropsychology (UIC) - 3 weeks

Residents gain unique exposure to neuropsychological evaluation (both inpatient and outpatient), and participate in weekly didactics with the neuropsychology trainees.

Geriatric Psychiatry (VA) - 5 weeks

Residents build skills including evaluation/management of dementia and management of general psychiatric conditions in the geriatric population.

Day Hospital Program (VA) - 10 weeks

Residents spend half days in clinics including serving as a psychiatrist for the intensive PTSD program (2 half days/week), providing medication management and brief therapy for sexual health and relationship issues (1 half day/week), general psychiatry, and neuropsychology.

Evaluation Clinic (UIC) - 11 weeks

Residents see new patients for initial psychiatric evaluations and 2-3 followups. During this time, residents will hone their skills in interviewing, developing initial treatment plans, and determining when patients are appropriate for continued care with psychiatry vs. referral back to primary care for future management.

Night Float (UIC or VA) - 1 week


Continuity clinic: Residents spend two half days per week two resident continuity clinics at UIC. Residents see patients in one of the four "core" clinics for two years - either psychosis, women's mental health, neuropsychiatry, or mood/anxiety. They may also spend one year rotating in recovery/substance abuse clinic, bipolar clinic, gender affirming clinic, or women's resiliency clinic. Each clinic has dedicated group supervision time for reviewing complex cases, journal articles, or directed readings.


Psychodynamic Therapy: Residents see patients for dynamic therapy 2 hours/week, plus 1 hour/week of supervision. One hour per week of group therapy can also count towards this requirement.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Residents see patients for 2 hours/week, plus 1 hour/week of supervision

Child psychiatry: Residents complete a longitudinal child experience with a combination of medication management and child therapy.


Call Duties:

UIC residents cover evening/weekend call and night float at both the university hospital and Jesse Brown VA.

Night Float:  8 PM - 8 AM, Sunday - Thursday

Short calls: 4:30 PM - 8 PM Monday - Thursday

Friday calls: 4:30 PM Friday until 8 AM Saturday; PGY2 and 3 only

Weekend calls: Saturday 8 AM - 8 PM, Saturday 8 PM - Sunday 8 AM, and Sunday 8 AM-8PM

  • 1 week of night float
  • One 24-hour holiday call
  • Average of 10 short calls + 2 Friday calls + 6 weekend calls over the whole year
  • Total hours about 160/year