General Psychiatry Residency | Curriculum

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Rotation Schedule:

5-6 months Inpatient Psychiatry:

  • 4-5 months at UIC
    • Residents split time between the three inpatient teams: green (psychosis/neuropsychiatry), blue (mood/anxiety), and red (women's mental health). UIC is able to provide care for a unique patient population, including medically complex psychiatric patients, catatonia, autism spectrum disorders, pregnant patients with serious mental illness, and patients who are subject to involuntary commitment. Nearly all residents will become comfortable with initiating long-acting injectable antipsychotics, and most are able to gain experience in initiating clozapine on the inpatient unit.
    • Residents participate in a daily morning report, with topics ranging from psychopharmacology to case presentations to PRITE review. Residents also spend one morning per week with the ECT team while rotating at UIC.
    • As PGY-2s, residents manage a higher case load, and carry primary responsibility for teaching medical students.
  • 1 month at Jesse Brown VA
    • Residents rotate on the acute inpatient unit at the VA, gaining unique exposure to both younger and older veterans, PTSD, chronic substance use disorders, and personality disorders.
    • As PGY-2s, residents manage a higher case load, and carry primary responsibility for teaching medical students.

2 months Consultation/Liaison Psychiatry

  • Residents become well versed in psychiatric assessment and treatment of medical inpatients. Common learning points include capacity for making clinical decisions, management of delirium and agitation,and  treatment of substance use disorders and acute withdrawal.
  • 1 month at UIC
  • 1 month at Jesse Brown VA

2 months child psychiatry

  • PGY2s rotate for 8 weeks on the Comprehensive Assessment Treatment Unit (CATU), a unique ward which provides extended psychiatric care for children and adolescents in the foster care system. Residents are heavily involved with acute stabilization, and treatment planning to ensure that young people have an adequate support system at their next placement. To ensure diversity in training experiences, residents also rotate through half days in outpatient child clinic, completing general child psychiatry intakes, seeing followups with the child fellows, and comprehensive assessments for ADHD.

1 month Community Psychiatry

  • Residents rotate for about 4-5 weeks on an inpatient unit at the John J. Madden Mental Health center, a state facility in Maywood, IL. Madden provides exposure to uninsured patients, many of whom struggle with  serious and persistent mental health conditions, undocumented immigration status, and chronic substance use disorders.

4 weeks of night float

4 weeks vacation:

  • Half of your vacation is pre-scheduled in 2 x 1 week blocks. The remaining half is flexible - residents work out specific days off with your clinical supervisor for a given rotation. These vacation days can be taken one at a time. Residents also have 4 floating holidays and 5 educational days for Step 3 / conferences.


Call Duties:

UIC residents cover evening/weekend call and night float at both the university hospital and Jesse Brown VA.

Night Float:  8 PM - 8 AM, Sunday - Thursday

Short calls: 4:30 PM - 8 PM Monday - Thursday

Friday calls: 4:30 PM Friday until 8 AM Saturday; PGY2 and 3 only

Weekend calls: Saturday 8 AM - 8 PM, Saturday 8 PM - Sunday 8 AM, and Sunday 8 AM-8PM

  • 4 weeks of night float (2 x 2 week blocks)
  • One 24-hour holiday call
  • Average of about 14 short calls + 6 Friday calls + and 10 weekend calls over the whole year
  • Total hours about 285/year