General Psychiatry Residency | Curriculum

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Rotation Schedule

Intern year is broken into 6-month blocks "on service" (psychiatry) and "off service" (medicine/neurology):

Off-service (medicine/neurology):

Inpatient medicine - 8 weeks. Choose between adult internal medicine (UIC + VA) or pediatrics wards at UIC

Ambulatory medicine - 4 weeks - VA urgent care or pediatric acute care clinic (includes 2 weeks of vacation)

Emergency Medicine - 4 weeks: at UIC

Neurology - 8 weeks: at UIC; includes both inpatient and consults. Residents interested in child psychiatry may spend 1 month on the child neurology service (consult service and outpatient clinic).

Vacation - 1 two-week block

On-service (psychiatry):

Inpatient psychiatry:

UIC - 9 weeks: Split between the red (women's mental health), blue (mood/anxiety), and green (psychosis/neuropsychiatry) teams. Residents participate in a daily morning report, and spend one morning per week with the ECT team.

VA 4-5 weeks: General psychiatry at the VA.

Urgent Intervention Team - 4-5 weeks: combines time on the inpatient consultation/liaison service, and emergency department evaluations

Psychiatric Assessment Clinic - 4 weeks. Residents work with a multidisciplinary team at the VA, completing both initial intake evaluations for outpatient services, and emergency department/crisis evaluations.

Night Float - 4 weeks

Night float runs Sunday - Thursday, from 8 PM - 8 AM. Residents may be assigned to UIC or Jesse Brown VA (VA call duties are shared between UIC and Northwestern). Duties include urgent psychiatry consults from the ED or medical floors, medical issues on the inpatient unit, crisis calls, direct transfers from outside hospitals, and, at the VA, rare psychiatric emergencies on the 2 residential units.

Vacation - 2 one-week blocks, 4 floating holidays, and 2 educational days available for Step 3 or conferences


Call Duties

UIC residents cover evening/weekend call and night float at both the university hospital and Jesse Brown VA.

Night Float:  8 PM - 8 AM, Sunday - Thursday

Short calls: 4:30 PM - 8 PM Monday - Thursday

Friday calls: 4:30 PM Friday until 8 AM Saturday; PGY2 and 3 only

Weekend calls: Saturday 8 AM - 8 PM, Saturday 8 PM - Sunday 8 AM, and Sunday 8 AM-8PM

  • PGY-1s complete 8 training calls (3 short calls and 1 weekend call at each site) with a senior resident before taking call independently
  • 4 weeks of night float (2 x 2 week blocks)
  • Average of about 14 short calls + 14 weekend calls; completed while on psychiatry rotations only
  • Total hours about 220 / 6 months