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Young Child Clinic (YCC)

About Us

The Young Child Clinic offers comprehensive assessments and treatment to children from birth through five years old who have social-emotional, behavioral, traumatic, and mental health difficulties. Following a three part evaluation, parents are provided a feedback session to discuss findings and recommendations.

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Treatment at the Young Child Clinic is family centered and evidence-based. We welcome siblings, extended family, and all caregivers who have an important relationship with the child. Interventions are determined by the developmental age of the child, specific problem, and needs of the family and child. Behavior programs, parent skills training, and various types of therapies are the primary tools implemented. Medications may be necessary and are used to augment the other interventions after thoughtfully consideration and collaboration with the family. Coordination of care with schools, daycare centers, therapists, primary care physicians, and other medical specialists is included with treatment.

Treatment Team

The Young Child Team is composed of specialists from child psychiatry, social work, and psychology. As part of the Clinic’s education mission, medical students and trainees from psychiatry, social work, psychology, nursing, family medicine, and pediatrics may join the team to enhance the multidisciplinary approach.

Diane Misch MD

  • Assistant Professor, Clinical Psychiatry
  • Medical Director, Illinois DocAssist
  • Medical Director, Young Child Clinic

Dr. Misch received her BA from Loyola University and her RN and MD from Northwestern University. She completed her Adult Psychiatry Residency at Northwestern University and University of Chicago, and her Child Psychiatry Fellowship at University of Illinois. Dr. Misch previously worked in the public sector with a concentration in chronic mental illness, women’s health, and forensic psychiatry at various times.

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Diane Misch

Rhapsody Mason LCSW

  • Director of Social Work Training
  • Coordinator, Young Child Clinic

Ms. Mason is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Ms. Mason is dedicated to serving children and their families with unique social and emotional needs in a variety of capacities. She has experience working in early intervention, pediatric offices, therapeutic schools and preschool programs as well as group residential programs.

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Rhapsody Mason

Shawn Amador LCSW RDT

  • Medical Social Consultant
  • Young Child Neuroclinic in Psychiatry
  • Illinois DocAssist
  • Department of Psychiatry, UIC

With over 20 years of experience, Shawn has a multitude of experience in schools, clinical practice and in community settings.  Shawn has a certification for domestic violence advocacy, dramatherapy certification, as well as her school social worker certification.  In practice, Shawn has w...

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