Women’s Inpatient Treatment Service

The Women's Team on the UIC Psychiatric Unit specializes in caring for acute women's mental health issues, such as psychotic or affective symptoms during pregnancy or postpartum period.

  • Our Inpatient Unit has 35 beds to serve the acute, short-term needs of adult patient during periods of crisis.
  • Part of the inpatient unit (up to 12 beds) is dedicated to the treatment of women who suffer from various psychiatric conditions while pregnant and in postpartum.
  • The Women's Team generally consists of an attending psychiatrist, a women's fellow, a psychiatry resident, a social worker, medical students, occupational therapists, and psychiatric nurses. These professionals work together to stabilize a patient on the unit with medications and therapy, collaborate with family, and find resources in the community to bridge the care into an outpatient service. Additionally, daily patients’ rounds, medication adjustments, a variety of Group Treatments and the assistance of a Social Worker tuned to the needs of women in peripartum are available.
  • The Inpatient Service also works closely with the OBGYN team at UIC to obtain obstetric care for patients at the Inpatient facility.
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