Past Graduate Students

Vanessa Meyer, PhD: Vanessa’s dissertation research focused on the interactive effects of illicit drug use and HIV serostatus on cognitive function. Her project encompassed two studies: a large-scale analysis of data collected in the Women’s Interagency HIV Study (WIHS) as well as a functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) study. Vanessa successfully defended her dissertation in 2013. She has accepted a postdoctoral position at the University of New Orleans


Leah H. Rubin, PhD , Research Assistant Professor


Erin Sundermann, PhD:Erin recently began a postdoc fellowship at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York. She is part of a team, the Einstein Aging Study, that studies the ageing brain and risk factors for dementia using longitudinal data from over 2,000 elderly Bronx residents. Erin’s focus is to investigate genetic predictors of cognitive impairment and to examine the underlying mechanisms that lead to a greater risk of Alzheimer's disease in women.

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