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Department of Psychiatry Research Extravaganza: Abstract List 2012


Third Annual Psychiatry Research Forum

Extravanganza 2012


Addiction (20)

1: GABA Hyposensitivity in VTA Neurons and  HDAC Inhibitors: A Role in Alcoholism

Mark S. Brodie, Devinder S. Arora, Sudarat Nimitvilai, Maureen A. McElvain, Amul J. Sakharkar, Tara L. Teppen, Subhash C. Pandey


2: Effect of Chronic Ethanol Consumption and Ethanol Withdrawal on Epigenetic Marks in Rat Brain Mitochondria.

Svetlana Dzitoyeva, Hu Chen, Huaibo Zhang, Lei Tang, Subhash C Pandey, Hari Manev


3: Human mesenchymal stem cell from bone marrow attenuates morphine tolerance in vitro

Jinhua Sun, Hongna Yang, Tingyu Qu


4: Alk is a transcriptional target of LMO4 and estrogen receptor that promotes cocaine sensitization and reward

Amy W. Lasek, Julie Gesch, Francesco Giorgetti, Viktor Kharazia, and Ulrike Heberlein


5: Differential Effects of Psychopathy in Heroin and Stimulant Users

Michael Wilson, Georgi Vasilev, Kiril Bozgunov, Ivaylo Raynov, Rada Naslednikova,  Jasmin Vassileva


6: Cultural Generalizability of the Hare Psychopathy Checklist: Construct Validity in Bulgarian Drug Users and Healthy Controls

Michael Wilson, Georgi Vasilev, Kiril Bozgunov, Ivaylo Raynov, Rada Naslednikova,  Jasmin Vassileva


7: Personality Mediators of Psychopathy in Non-Incarcerated Substance Users and Healthy Controls

Michael Wilson, Georgi Vasilev, Kiril Bozgunov, Ivaylo Raynov, Rada Naslednikova,  Jasmin Vassileva


8: Bullying and harassment among college students:  Negative consequences for alcohol use and mental health

Kathleen M. Rospenda, Jennifer M. Wolff, Judith A. Richman


9: Motivating Smoking Cessation Behaviors among People with Serious Mental Illnesses: The Impact of a Web-Based Decision Support System

Jonikas, J.A., Ferron, J.C., Devitt, T., Geiger, P., McHugo, G., Cook, J.A.,Brunette, M.


10: Effects of acute ethanol exposure on microRNA profiling in the amygdala of rats

Tara L. Teppen, Harish R. Krishnan, Amul J. Sakharkar, Subhash C.Pandey


11: Effects of Various Doses of Ethanol Exposure on HDAC and DNMT Activities in the Extended Amygdala of Adolescent Rats.

Lei Tang, Amul J. Sakharkar, Huaibo Zhang, Subhash C. Pandey


12: Role of DNA Methylation in Amygdaloid Circuitry Mediated Ethanol Behaviors

Harish R. Krishnan, Amul J. Sakharkar, Huaibo Zhang, Subhash C. Pandey


13: Adolescent Intermittent Ethanol-Induced Alcohol Drinking and Anxiety-Like Behaviors at Adulthood: A Role for Histone Deacetylases.

Amul J. Sakharkar, Lei Tang, Huaibo Zhang, Subhash C. Pandey


14: Effect of Histone Deacetylases Inhibitor on Amygdaloid Synaptic Plasticity Measures in Rats during Alcohol Dependence

Chang You, Huaibo Zhang, Subhash C. Pandey


15: Human mesenchymal stem cells attenuate morphine tolerance

Jinhua Sun, Hongna Yang, Tingyu Qu


16: Double Dissociation of  Stimulant and Opiate Addiction on Reward Sensitivity and Loss Aversion

Jasmin Vassileva, Woo-Young Ahn, Jerome R. Busemeyer, John K. Kruschke, Antoine Bechara, Georgi Vasilev


17: Opiate and stimulant addiction have both unique and common effects on neurocognitive impulsivity

Jasmin Vassileva, Kiril Bozgunov, Rada Naslednikova, Ivaylo Raynov, Georgi Vasilev


18: Risk and Protective Factors in the Relationship between Bullying and Alcohol Abuse among College Students

Jennifer M. Wolff, Kathleen M. Rospenda, Judith A. Richman


19: Effects of alcohol on astrocyte chondroitin sulfate proteoglycans: Implications for fetal alcohol spectrum disorders.

X. Zhang, S. Bhattacharyya, J.K. Tobacman, H. Kusumo, M. Guizzetti


20: Effect of  Ethanol on ABC Cholesterol Transporters and Cholesterol Levels in the Developing Rat Brain

Xiaolu Zhang, Chunyan Zhou, Jing Chen; Lucio G. Costa; Marina Guizzetti



Basic Neuroscience (14)


21: Mitochondrial membrane potential and intracellular Zn2+ release in acidified neurons

Lech Kiedrowski



22: Primary microRNA precursor transcripts are localized at postsynaptic densities in adult mouse hippocampus

Giovanni Lugli, John Larson, Michael P Demars, Neil R. Smalheiser 


23: Central Nicotinic Receptor Mediated Regulation of Cortical and Hippocampal Epigenetic Mechanisms

J. Auta, P. Tueting, A. Guidotti 


24: Role of Adenosine During Anoxia in Mouse Hippocampus

Hanaa Siddiqi, Heba Akbari, John Larson

25: Central Nicotinic Receptor Mediated Regulation of Cortical and Hippocampal Epigenetic Mechanisms

J. Auta, P. Tueting, A. Guidotti.


26: Using  offspring of prenatally stressed mice in the search for agents capable of reversing GABAergic gene promoter hypermethylation.

Patricia Tueting, James Auta, Jamilla Salvador, John Davis Alessandro Guidotti, Francesco Matrisciano

27: Histone Methyltransferases (GLP, G9a, Setdb1) and h3k9me2; Measurements in Blood and Brain

Chase, K.A., Guidotti, A., Bhaumik, D., Gavin, D.P., Sharma, R.P.


28: Increasing Neuronal ‘Stemness’; Chromatin Relaxation and the Expression of Reprogramming Genes

Rajiv P. Sharma, Kayla A. Chase


29: Entinostat (MS-275), a class I histone deacetylase  inhibitor, facilitates the demethylation of select GABAergic promoters in NT2 cells

Ying Chen, Dennis R. Grayson


30: DNA Methylation Regulates Gene Expression Differently Across Tissues

Chao Chen; Chunling Zhang; Lijun Cheng; Jeffrey R. Bishop, John Sweeney , Chunyu Liu

31: Sexually Dimorphic DNA methylation Are Conserved Across Brain and Blood

Chunyu Liu, Chunling Zhang, Qi Chen, Xin Liu, Xiaobin Wang, Chao Chen, Jeffrey R. Bishop, Elliot S. Gershon, Andrew Singleton, Barbara Lipska, Joel Kleinman, John Sweeney, Judith A. Badner, Lijun Cheng


32: Interaction between SNPs and DNA methylation affects gene expression in human brain

Chunyu Liu, Hua Yun Chen, Chao Chen, Chunling Zhang, Judith A. Badner, Elliot S. Gershon, Lijun Cheng


33: Umbilical mesenchymal stem cells modulate functional characteristics of peripheral T and T-regulatory cells

HongNa Yang, Jinhua Sun, and Tingyu Qu


34: 5-HT7 receptors Regulate Morphology of Hippocampal Neurons through Novel PKA-LIM Kinase 1 Dependent Mechanism

Aleksandar Krbanjevic, Guoquan Liu, Elena Strekalova, Jasmina Profirovic, Rakesh Singh, Richard D. Minshall, Tatyana Voyno-Yasenetskaya, Mark M. Rasenick



Community Science (5)

35: Multilevel Regression and SEM Approaches to Growth Curve Modeling 

Runa Bhaumik, Elisa Shernoff, Weihan Zao, Davi Lakind, Dulal K. Bhaumik,  Bonnie Solomon, Sonja Schoenwald, Marc Atkins

36: Sustaining evidence based practices in community settings: A social network framework

Tara Mehta, Marc Atkins


37: Community Mental Health Agency-School Collaborations:

Provider Perspectives on Implementing Prevention and Early Intervention Strategies

Tara G. Mehta, Marc Atkins, Rinad Beidas, Lisa Betz


38: The Role of Coaching in Deployment of Evidence-based Practices in Urban Schools

Darshan A. Patel, Davielle Lakind, Elisa Shernoff


39: The Person-Centered Behavioral and Primary Healthcare Home

Cherise Rosen, Maria T. Caserta, Anand Kumar




Schizophrenia - Psychosis (10)

40: A 20 Year Multifollowup Study of Sex Differences in Schizophrenia and Other Psychotic Disorders

Linda S. Grossman, Marty Harrow, Cherise Rosen, Bob Faull

41: Increased expression of putative DNA-demethylation genes in psychosis

A.Guidotti, E. Dong, D. Gavin, D.R. Grayson

42: DNA-methylation/demethylation network expression in psychotic patients with a history of alcohol abuse

A. Guidotti, E. Dong, D.P. Gavin, M. Veldic, W. Zhao, D.K. Bhaumik,  S.C. Pandey, D. R.Grayson


43: Metabotropic Gluatamate 2/3 Receptor Agonists Promote DNA Methylation In The Prenatal Stress Mouse Model of Schizophrenia: A New Mechanism for Their Antipsychotic Activity?

Matrisciano F., Tueting P., Nicoletti F., Grayson D.R., Guidotti A.


44: Cell-specific reductions of glutamatergic transcripts in the medial dorsal thalamus in schizophrenia

Monsheel S. Sodhi, Micah Simmons, Robert McCullumsmith, Vahram Haroutunian and James H. Meador-Woodruff


45: Altered Expression of TET and APOBEC3A and 3C in the Parietal Cortex of Psychotic Patients

Erbo Dong, David Gavin, Ying Chen, John Davis, Dennis Grayson, Alessandro Guidotti


46: A Longitudinal Analysis of Abstract Thinking in Psychotic and Nonpsychotic Disorders.

Cherise Rosen, Marty Harrow, Linda Grossman, Marsha Snyder, Vina Goghari, Bob Faull


47: Does the Prolonged Use of Antipsychotic Medications Lead to Global Recovery in Schizophrenia?

Martin Harrow, Thomas Jobe, Robert Faull


48: The Blockade of dopamine D2 and serotonin 5HT2 Receptors on response to f Antipsychotics: The First 1500 Schizophrenics  Imaged

Jie Qu, James Stone, Timothy Ryan, John M. Davis


49: Long-Acting Injectable Medication Maintenance Treatment of “First-Episode” Schizophrenia – A Randomized Effectiveness Study

Peter J. Weiden, Nina Schooler




Mood and Anxiety (44)

50: Paroxetine Treatment for Combat-Related Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Veterans Following Deployment to Iraq or Afghanistan: An Open-Label Study

Melissa Weiner, Amy Kennedy, K. Luan Phan


51: Reversal of association between verbal memory performance and hippocampal volume in depressed diabetics

Adam Ammar


52: Diminished Incentive Responsiveness in Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) is not Related to Decreased Reactivity of Nucleus Accumbens

Weldon AL , Mickey BJ, Yau W, Meyers KK, Hsu DT, Taylor SF, Heitzeg MM, Zubieta J-K, Langenecker SA


53: Functional Connectivity of Response Control in ADHD and Pediatric Bipolar Disorder With and Without ADHD

AM Passarotti, J Ellis, J Fitzgerald, J O’Neal, E Wegbreit, M Stevens, MN Pavuluri

54: Pharmacogenetics of glutamate system genes and SSRI-associated sexual dysfunction

Jeffrey R. Bishop, Sharon S. Chae, Shitalben Patel, Jessica Moline, Vicki L. Ellingrod


55: Prefrontal Mechanisms of Attentional Control over Threat in Social Anxiety Disorder: Before and After Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Heide Klumpp, Mike Angstadt, K. Luan Phan


56: Associations between vascular risk and depressive symptoms in euthymic older adults

Rebecca A. Charlton, Melissa Lamar, Anand Kumar


57: White Matter Tract Integrity in Late-Life Depression: Associations with Severity and Cognition

Rebecca A. Charlton, Melissa Lamar, Aifeng Zhang , Shaolin Yang, Olusola Ajilore, Anand Kumar


58: Association of Proinflammatory Cytokine dysregulation in Major Depression

Hooriyah S. Rizavi, X. REN, Ghanshyam N. Pandey

59: Monomeric GFP-Gas as as tool for studying antidepressant action in live cells

Andrew H. Czysz, Mark M. Rasenick


60: Depressive symptomatology in Type 2 Diabetes and Major Depressive Disorder

Piotr Daranowski, Melissa Lamar, Anand Kumar, Olusola Ajilore


61: Regulation of BDNF Gene Expression: Implication in Major Depressive Disorder

Yogesh Dwivedi, Hooriyah Rizavi Hui Zhang, Ghanshyam N. Pandey


62: Phosphodiasterase 4 (PDE4) Variants: Role in Depression and Treatment

Yogesh Dwivedi, Hui Zhang, Ghanshyam N. Pandey, Daniel Dlaboga


63: That Doesn’t Appear Neutral to Me: Potential Activation Confounds in Study of Facial Emotion Recognition in Depression

Briceno, E. M., Rapport, L.J., Weisenbach, S.L., Hazlett, K.E., Haase, B. D., Vederman, A.C., Starkman, M.N., Bieliauskas, L.A., Zubieta, J-K., Langenecker, S.A.


64: Investigating brain community structure abnormalities in depression using PLACE: Path Length Associated Community Estimation

Johnson Gad Elkarim, Olusola Ajilore, Alex Leow, Anand Kumar


65: Altered Affective, Executive and Sensorimotor Resting State Networks in Psychotropic Naïve Patients with Pediatric Mania

Minjie Wu, Lisa H. Lu, Alessandra M. Passarotti, Ezra Wegbreit, Jacklynn Fitzgerald, Mani N. Pavuluri


66: Aberrant ventral-striatal response to uncooperative trust-game partners in Social Phobia

Daniel A. Fitzgerald, Chandra S. Sripada, Mike Angstadt, Israel Liberzon, Kevin McCabe, K. Luan Phan


67: Neural correlates underlying social-emotional processing in anxious youth

Lisa L. Hamm, Daniel A. Fitzgerald, Mike Angstadt, Kate Fitzgerald, Christopher Monk, K. Luan Phan


68: RNA editing of an AMPA receptor subunit is altered in major depression and suicide

Monsheel Sodhi, Daniel J. Mount, Thomas M. Hyde, Joel E. Kleinman


69: Rapid “Antidepressant like” Actions of Ketamine in a Model System

Natalie King, Alex Jackson, Jeff Schappi, Mark M. Rasenick

70: Hypoactivation of Inhibitory Control Circuitry is more Pronounced in Major Depression than in Major Depression comorbid with an Anxiety Disorder

Meyers KK, Weldon AL, Gabriel LB, Walker SJ, Hsu DT, Noll DC, Mickey BJ, Zubieta J-K, Langenecker SA.


71: Whole brain connectivity in light of prefrontal vulnerabilities in aging and depression: Lessons from translational executive tasks

Melissa Lamar, Rebecca Charlton, Olu Ajilore, Shoalin Yang, Emma Rhodes, Anand Kumar


72: Proof of concept for imaging myelin integrity in vivo at UIC: Moving beyond diffusion tensor imaging

Melissa Lamar, X. Joe Zhou, Deborah Little, Sean Deoni


73: Flexibility of applying mnemonic strategies across cognitive domains in late-life depression

Melissa Lamar, Emma Rhodes, Maria Caserta, Olusola Ajilore, Rebecca Charlton, Anand Kumar


74: Parametric Go/No-go Illuminates Hypoactivation Within Inhibitory Circuitry of MDD Sample

Gabriel, L. B., Meyers, K. K., Weldon, A. L., Haase, B. D., Kassel, M. T., Walker, S. J., Hsu, D. T., Noll, D. C., Mickey, B. J., Zubieta, J-K., Langenecker, S. A.


75: DNA Methylation Alteration in Lithium Treatment of Adolescent Bipolar Disorder

Chunyu Liu, Jeffrey R. Bishop, Chunling Zhang, Meredith Wong, Shitalben R. Patel, Jonathan Leigh, Mani N. Pavuluri


76: The effect of depression on hemoglobin A1C levels in Type II diabetes

Moise-Denis Jean, Olusola Ajilore


77: Differential Impact of Distraction in Serial Position Curves with the Semantic List Learning Task (SLLT) in Women with and without Major Depressive Disorder (MDD)

Michelle T. Kassel, Sara J. Walker, Sara L. Weisenbach, Brennan D. Haase, Marta Pecina, Ciaran M. Considine, Douglas C. Noll, Jon-Kar Zubieta, Scott A. Langenecker

78: In a mouse model of PTSD, neurosteroids induce long-lasting improvement of anxiety-like behavior: A role for reelin

Marianela Nelson, Mauricio Schüler Nin, Luis A Martinez, Leandro Barile Agati, Graziano Pinna


79: A meta-analysis and systematic review of Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids in mood disorders

Timothy Ryan, Brian P Hallahan, Ivan T Murray, Shauna Glynn, Christopher E Ramsden, Joseph R. Hibbeln, John M. Davis


80: Examining post-traumatic stress disorder in electrically injured individuals using optimal data analysis.

Jana M. Wingo, Joseph M. Fink, Kathleen M. Kelley, Raphael C. Lee,  Neil H. Pliskin


81: Neurophysiological Markers of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in OEF/OIF Veterans and SSRI Treatment Response: An Event-Related Potential Study

David Post, Amy Kennedy, Christine Rabinak, K. Luan Phan


82: Neuroanatomical correlates of altered immune function in late-life depression

Olusola Ajilore, Ghanshyam Pandey,  Rebecca Charlton, Laura Korthaue, Melissa Lamar, Shaolin Yang, Xinguo Ren, Anand Kumar


83: NMDA Receptor Antagonist Antidepressant Response and DNA Methylation

David P. Gavin, Rajiv P. Sharma, Alessandro Guidotti


84: Three Year Longitudinal Study of Pediatric Bipolar Disorder Illustrates Reduction in Striatal Overactivity and Connectivity

Hongyu Yang, Lisa H. Lu, Minjie Wu, Ezra Wegbreit, Jacklynn Fitzgerald, Bryn Levitan Allison Lowes, Jonathan O’Neil, Mani Pavuluri

85: Effects of Type 2 Diabetes and Major Depression on Subcortical Biophysical Abnormalities: A MT Study

Shaolin Yang, Olusola Ajilore, Minjie Wu, Rebecca Charlton, Melissa Lamar, Anand Kumar


86: Biophysical Abnormalities in Focal Gray and White Matter Regions in Late-Life Major Depression

Shaolin Yang, Olusola Ajilore, Minjie Wu, Rebecca Charlton, Melissa Lamar, Anand Kumar


87: Exploratory Analysis of Graph Theory in Neuroimaging as a Marker of Cognitive Reserve in Aging and Late-Life Depression

Emma Rhodes, Rebecca Charlton, Olusola Ajilore, Anand Kumar, Johnson GadElkarim, Shaolin Yang, Melissa Lamar


88: Amygdala and Subgenual Cingulate Activation to Emotion Processing is Related to Cortisol Reactivity to Stress

Scott A. Langenecker, Kathleen E. Hazlett, Brennan D. Haase, Aaron C. Vederman, Erich Avery, Robert C. Welsh, Sara L. Weisenbach, Jon-Kar Zubieta


89: A serotonin transporter-independent site of chronic SSRI action.

Jeffrey M. Schappi, Mark M. Rasenick

90: The Effect of External Locus of Control and Parental Involvement on Anxiety in Youth

Reyna Schwartz, Mark Palcan, David Simpson, Camille Quinn, Liza Suarez, Sucheta Connolly


91: Lithium concentrations, clinical response, and cognitive performance in pediatric bipolar disorder

James M. Stevenson, Jeffrey R. Bishop, Jonathan Leigh, Jacklynn M. Fitzgerald, Meredith Wong, Mani N. Pavuluri


92: Family-Based Psychosocial Treatment for Pediatric Bipolar Disorder: Preliminary Findings from a Randomized Clinical Trial of RAINBOW Therapy

Amy E. West, Sally M. Weinstein, Mani N. Pavuluri

93: Impulsivity Linked to History of Multiple Suicide Attempts in Youth with Bipolar Disorder

Sally M. Weinstein, Woo-Young Ahn, Amy E. West, Mani Pavuluri




Special Populations and Topics (31)


94: A Case of Sertraline-Induced Toxic Neuropathy in a Patient with Charcot Marie Tooth Disease

Beth LaBardi, Anand Sandesara, Olusola Ajilore


95: African American Mothers: Social Support and Parenting Strain at Multiple Time Points

Ané Maríñez-Lora, Marc Atkins, Stacy Frazier,  Elisa Shernoff, and Tara Mehta


96: Behavior Problems, Police Contacts  But Promising Outcomes Disruptive Behavior Clinic

Jaleel Abdul-Adil, Megan Greene, Denard Ingram, A. David Farmer Jr., Hayley Crain, Kristy Skerrett, Camille R. Quinn


97: Misdiagnosis of African-Americans with Psychiatric Issues

Carl C. Bell, Willie Mae Jackson, Briatta H. Bell


98: Adherence to Diabetes Standards of Care in Integrated Healthcare Clinics Serving Patients with Serious Mental Illness

Weidenaar, J., Jami, A., Grey, D.D., Brigell, E., Christiansen, K., Jonikas, J.A., Davis, K.E., Glover, C.M., Cook, J.A.


99: Relationship between Menopausal Stage and PTSD Symptoms in HIV-infected and HIV-uninfected Women

Kate Dickson, Kathleen Weber, Leah H. Rubin, Judith Cook, Susanna Levin, Tonya Taylor; Lari Warren-Jeanpiere; Alexandra Levine; Susan Meffert; Elizabeth Golub, Pauline Maki

100: Objective Hot Flashes Negatively Related to Spatial Ability in Men with Prostate Cancer Undergoing Androgen Deprivation Therapy

L. Drogos, R. Jamadar, L. Deane, D. Peace, P. Maki


101: Special Populations and Topics 8: Phosphoinositide 3-kinase signaling and suicide brain

Hui Zhang, Hooriyah Rizavi, Ghanshyam N. Pandey, Yogesh Dwivedi


102: Prospective Analysis of Return-to-Work Status in Electrical Injury Survivors: An Outcome Study

Amanda E. Hahn-Ketter, Jessica Paxton,  Joseph W. Fink, Kathy M. Kelley, Raphael C. Lee and Neil H. Pliskin


103: Special Populations and Topics: Economic Hardship, Parenting, and Adolescent Psychopathology in Families of Clinically Disturbed Adolescents  

Erin M. Rodriguez, Sara Nichols, Shabnam Javdani, Erin Emerson,Geri Donenberg


104: Alterations in hippocampal functioning in HIV-infected women

Vanessa Grauzas, Erin Sundermann, Deborah Little, Kathleen Weber, Mardge Cohen, Pauline Maki


105: Prevalence of medical co-morbidities among adults recovering from serious mental illnesses

Hamilton, M.M., Burke, L., Grey, D.G., Jonikas, J.A., Razzano, L.A., Swarbrick, P., Cook, J.A.


106: G-Protein Signaling in Cell Lines Prepared from Two Groups of Autistic Subjects

Natalie King, Jeff Schappi, Edwin Cook, Mark M. Rasenick


107: BNDF serum levels, Val66Met genotype, and phenotypic variation in autism spectrum disorders

Evan J. Kyzar, Sunday Francis, Xinguo Ren, Suma Jacob, Granshyam N. Pandey and Edwin H. Cook, Jr.


108: Aspects of metabolic syndrome across the lifespan: Implications for brain structure and function

Melissa Lamar, Rebecca Charlton, Laura Korthauer, Anand Kumar,


109: Developing Culturally Competent Health Promotion Interventions with Latino Health Promoters

Julia Escamilla, Compañeros en Salud from Alivio Medical Center,  Lisa Sanchez-Johnsen


110: Smoking and Weight Concerns among Puerto Ricans and Caucasians

Bastian, Eduardo; Sanchez-Johnsen, Lisa


111: An analysis of successful efforts to reduce the use of restraint and seclusion at a public psychiatric hospital

Fedra Najjar, Lori Carr, Emmanuel Olifa, Milton Clark, Kathleen Martin, Marcia Hymon, Barbara Washington, Maria Caserta


112: Delay Discounting is Impaired with Hepatitis C but not HIV

E. Martin, R. Gonzalez, J. Vassileva


113: Effect of Oral Contraceptive Use on Heart Rate Variability during Laboratory-Induced Stress

Lacey B. Wisslead, Lauren L. Drogos, Leah H. Rubin, Antonia Savarese, Erin Eatough, Kristen Mordecai, Pauline M. Maki


114: Role of GABA receptors in the Prefrontal Cortex of Teenage Suicide Victims

Madhulika Tripathi, Hooriyah S. Rizavi, Ren X., Y. Dwivedi, Ghanshyam N. Pandey


115: Quantification of Brain Metabolites with Less Contamination in 2D Localized Correlation Spectroscopy

Meijin Lin, Anand Kumar, Shaolin Yang


116: Predicting Risk Factors for Placement Disruption in Preschool-aged Foster Children from Psychotropic Medication Oversight Administrative Data

Paridha Gupta, Michael W. Naylor


117: The effects of stress and stress hormones on cognition in HIV-seropositive women

Leah H. Rubin, Kathleen M. Weber, Mardge Cohen, Eileen Martin, Victor Valcour, Ruth M. Greenblatt, Joel Milam, Kathryn Anastos, Mary Young, Elizabeth T. Golub, Pauline M. Maki


118: Altered Wnt Signaling in the Teenage Suicide Brain: Focus on Glycogen Synthase Kinase-3ß

Shipra Mehra, Xinguo Ren, Hooriyah S. Rizavi, Mansoor A. Khan, Yogesh Dwivedi, Ghanshyam N. Pandey


119: The Interplay between Romantic (but not Peer) Relationships and Early Pubertal Development Confers Risk for Externalizing Symptoms in African-American Girls’ Receiving Psychiatric Care

Shabnam Javdani, Erin M. Rodriguez, Sara Nichols, Erin Emerson, Geri Donenberg


120: The Roles of Parental Monitoring and Sibling Teenage Pregnancy on Sexual Risk Behavior in African American Girls

Sara Nichols, Shabnam Javdani, Erin M. Rodriguez, Erin Emerson,Geri Donenberg


121: Co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders among HIV+ women: Impact on antiretroviral therapy use, adherence, and immune health

Pamela Steigman, Dennis Grey, Mardge Cohen, Rebecca Schwartz, Nancy Hessol, Elizabeth Golub, Kathryn Anastos, Daniel Merenstein, Joel Milam, Judith Cook


122: TLR4 protein levels in prefrontal cortex and hippocampus of suicide victims and normal control subjects

Xinguo Ren, Qingjin Wei, Hooriyah S. Rizavi, Ghanshyam N. Pandey


123: Cardiac Co-morbidities Among Individuals Recovering from Psychiatric Disorders.

Yost, C., Carter, T.M., Jonikas, J.A., Grey, D.G., Swarbrick, P., Cook, J.A., Razzano, L.A.


124: Epigenetic mechanisms regulate RELN and GAD67 expression in autism spectrum disorder

A. Zhubi, Y. Chen, A.Guidotti, D.R. Grayson

125: Investigating brain community structure abnormalities in bipolar disorder using PLACE: Path Length Associated Community Estimation 

Johnson GadElkarim, Olusola Ajilore, Anand Kumar, and Alex Leow


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    Neuropsychiatric Insitute
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