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An article written by Leah Rubin, PhD on “Elevated stress is associated with prefrontal cortex dysfunction during a verbal memory task in women with HIV” was published in the Journal of Neurovirology (PMID: 27094924).

Dr. Pauline Maki is featured in a documentary on PBS entitled “Hot Flash Havoc.” The documentary “sets the record straight about the U.S. government sanctioned Women's Health Initiative study released in 2002, which misrepresented that hormone replacement therapy — used by millions of women to treat the symptoms of menopause — could actually increase the risk of heart attacks and cancer.”

WMHRP graduate Dr. Erin Sundermann’s research on “Better verbal memory in women than men in MCI despite similar levels of hippocampal atrophy” was published in Neurology (PMID: 26984945). The findings of the study have implications for diagnosis of Alzheimer’s in women and have garnered significant media coverage.

Dr. Leah Rubin writes about the emerging Zika crisis for the International Society for NeuroVirology’s blog.

An article written by Jessica Fogel, MS on “Sex differences in the subjective effects of oral Δ9-THC in cannabis users” was published in Pharmacology, Biochemistry and Behavior (PMID: 26780348).

Dr. Pauline Maki completed her term as the President of the North American Menopause Society (NAMS). Revisit the Editorial published in Menopause announcing her election to the position.

Dr. Leah Rubin is interviewed about her research for “Blogging NeuroVirology”, a publication of the International Society for NeuroVirology

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