Changing rules and expectations in society (cultural norms) that support violence…

When children are living in areas with high community violence or are constantly bombarded by messages in the media that make violence seem normal, their perception of what is acceptable may vary and they may begin to demonstrate negative behavior. It is important to identify the current norms within a culture or community that may promote or perpetuate violent behaviors. Once identifying those norms, individuals can work with youth to identify rules and patterns of behavior that are more adaptive and acceptable. While working to address negative behaviors, service providers should remember that many of these youth have experienced multiple traumas and even if they are trying to change, they may be dealing with considerable amounts of distress, feelings of uncertainty, and discomfort. In situations such as this, acting out, emotional outbursts, or violent behaviors may occur and it is important that service providers and community members continue to provide support and understanding.

Make A Change

I can't eat and I can't sleep because the thoughts I got within
I had a friend just like a brother and his life got put to end
A lot of trauma in my life all I wanted was to win
I'm always tryna make a change you know a change go' come within
It get harder everyday but soon them day will come to pass
I got abused I don't know why and it's so hard for me to ask
Momma why you have to leave me with them snakes in the grass
I'm traumatized so now I'm cutting on my wrist with a glass
I'm giving up 'cause everyday I get the short end of the stick
I did a lot I can't forget...the stuff I can't forget...
I'm traumatized, not only me but the people I was with
But now I'm tryna make a change, a lot of problems I'm going to fix

- Marshawn Knight





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