Best Practice #4: FEELING SAFE

Promoting a safe environment in the community…

In areas where there is frequent violence, it is important to work towards creating communities or places where individuals can feel safe. Identifying safe spaces, building supportive relationships, talking about ways to protect those living in the community, and working with law enforcement and local organizers can help to keep a community safe.

A Room With Three Walls and Some Curtains

I’m in a place where
I can hear everything
and see people
I don't feel safe with.
This person has
problems controlling
every time i see her
She’s violent and
arguing with people.
I can't give her my back.

My room is the place
I stay
with my son when
my husband is at work.
my room is all i have
the bed isn't mine,
But it feels soft and
comfy to sleep
with my son and husband.

My son makes me
feel safe
just like i know he
feels safe
when I hold him
in my arms, asleep,
knowing that I can
provide in every way.

When he sleeps I
hear all the noises,
I take out my pencil
and paper and draw
anything that comes in my mind.
That's when my mind
gets lost in the lines,
the bright colors,
the dark colors,
or just in the pencil.

When my husband
comes home
with dirt on his face
looking tired and
but still gives me
a soft kiss and asks,
“how was your day?
how is the baby?”
I know that he will do
anything for us to be safe.
Being around people
with whom you
don't feel safe can
be hard
but finding your
safe space
can be right there
in that same place.

- Mariela Villanueva





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